Custom Tote Bags

A tale as old as time, but with a modern twist…

At the risk of repeating something you already know, the reason your company should be using custom tote bags can be summed up in two words: brand visibility! Some marketing experts suggest that a brand name needs to be observed a minimum of seven times (seven times!) before the brain even registers it. What better way to gain access to that valuable mental real estate than to have your loyal clients and/or employees carrying around your highly visible logo emblazoned on a custom tote bag while they are shopping, commuting, etc.?

Usefulness and durability are cited by many consumers as key reasons for keeping any promotional products they receive. Custom logo tote bags fit that bill! This ties in nicely with the next point.

We mentioned a modern twist on this tale, and here it is: single-use plastic bags are on the way out. Many cities and jurisdictions around the world have phased out, or are in the process of phasing out, plastic bags. There isn’t a better time for custom tote bags (with your company’s logo) to step up! Not only are they useful, but custom tote bags signal your company’s interest in environmentally sustainable activity (especially if it is a cotton tote bag or a canvas tote bag). This is something a lot of consumers take note of these days.

One final thought. You may be thinking to yourself, “these reasons may all be very well and good, but can our small company afford this?” The answer is, “Yes!” Economies of scale make this a very affordable option. Bear in mind that your competitors are considering this very same question, and it is often the person first out of the gate who wins the race. We are not trying to scare you; it is simply the truth (there is nothing like a splash of cold water to the face, is there?).

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