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Yeah, you’re right. Custom water bottles are one of the most generic promotional products you’ll see in the market. But, there are actually good reasons behind it. Aside from promoting proper hydration, cost-saving, and saving the planet, it is great for companies. It can be a great promotional material that is both useful and convenient.

In this article, I will talk about the reasons for choosing water bottles as your custom promotional product. I will also include how this can improve your brand reputation along the way. So, if you’re looking for ideal items that you can use for promotions, make sure to read on.

Custom Water Bottles as Your Promotional Product

While there are other things that you can use as your custom promotional product, a lot of companies still prefer water bottles. As sustainability and practicality dominate our modern era, these reusable bottles now act as a status symbol for society. But, what are the other reasons to choose this for your business? Here are some of them:

1. Cost-effective

Unlike other forms of advertising campaigns like TV, print, and social media ads, water bottles are a way cheaper option. Depending on the material and type you will choose, personalized bottles can go around $2-50 each. You can even get discounts if you are planning to have bulk orders. While some shops can only offer print or water bottles alone, there are also some shops that can supply you with water bottles and custom print services as a package.

So, this makes it an ideal option for small to medium brands even if they have a low budget for marketing campaigns. Still, these bottles are very promising and can achieve your promotional goals easily as you can reach more organic people this way.

2. Design flexibility

Aside from that, we can’t deny the design flexibility that custom water bottles offer. You can choose different types, materials, sizes, colors, and designs of the actual bottle. There are also water bottle suppliers that let you collaborate with their design process so you can make yours even more unique.

If you find a reliable printing shop that offers water bottle custom prints like Dad’s Printing (that’s us!), then you are open for more creativity. You can choose to imprint your logo with aesthetic designs and catchy phrases that will define your branding better. When your customers receive these bottles, they will easily remember your brand name and logo.

custom water bottles

3. Convenient advertising

Because custom water bottles are easy to carry around, your brand name, message, or cause can easily move across your target audience. And since it is reusable and essential, your customer will use it multiple times rather than other promotional products. For example, if your customers need to drink in their office and use your item, then their co-workers will get to know your brand.

The same thing will happen when your customers use it in their daily lives in many places like fitness gyms, schools, train stations, subways, and cafes. As your customer meets more people, your brand will get more promotions too. So, with a small investment that you make, the advertising that you could get is really worth it! 

4. Environmentally friendly

Next to caring about your customers, you should also start caring about your environment. This will not only help the Earth but it can also improve your reputation for promoting sustainability. It is because customers tend to empathise more with a company that contributes to eco-friendly acts.

So, choosing eco-friendly custom water bottles will help you convey the message that your company cares about the environment over selfish decisions.It will contribute to reducing single-use plastic bottles and promote recyclable items. Moreover, depending on your preferences, your product can also be made with reusable materials.

5. Multipurpose and variety

If you are looking for products that are multi-purpose and come in variety, you should check out custom water bottles. Everyone in the world can use this item no matter their age, gender, or social status.They can also bring this in any places that they need to go like in offices, schools, gyms, travels, sport events—JUST EVERYWHERE.

With the variety of designs and materials that you can use for custom water bottles, it is perfect for showing off your brand’s creativity and impression. These are great for store openings, charity events, trade fairs, parties, and even as your freebies. It opens up a wide array of advertisement opportunities while letting people know that you care for them.

6. Long-Lasting

Unlike other promotional materials such as pens and ref magnets, custom water bottles are extremely useful and long-lasting. They are highly durable and can be reused for multiple times hence making the promotional value last longer. As it stays with your client for a longer period, more people will get to know about your product.

Moreover, seeing that you are smart enough to give out long-lasting products, this can also affect your brand reputation. More people will realize that your products may also be as sustainable and long-lasting as the ones you give out. It can also mean that you don’t offer cheap items that are easy to break and lose importance.

7. The Healthier Choice

Unlike what some people think, tap water is actually safe and a great way to hydrate yourself. Regular plastic bottles actually release harmful chemicals when you leave them under extreme heat on a sunny day. Moreover, they contain BPA that contaminates human bodies and causes harmful effects on health. This may include reproductive disorders, heart disease, and asthma. 

But by giving out water bottles as your custom promotional products, you are also promoting a healthier choice for your customers. You can choose non-plastic and non-BPA materials for your bottles to avoid potentially toxic chemicals. Some of the choices could be glasses, stainless steels, non-BPA plastics, and aluminum. If you are still confused between these, our next topic will certainly help you decide.

custom water bottles

Best Types of Custom Water Bottle You Can Use

There are four types of material typically used in water bottle design – stainless steel, glass, aluminum and plastic. You can choose between having the best insulated water bottle or best filtered water bottle for your customers. You can also look for something more durable and creative to show your brand colors.

As each type of water bottle has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is best to test them first and determine their attributes that will answer all your needs.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel water bottles are growing even more popular these days. This is because aside from its durability, it also answers the concerns over the effects of plastic on the environment. It is also very efficient and can be properly insulated to maintain the temperature of your drinks. This makes it ideal for people who love hiking and outdoor activities and do not have any way to reheat or ice their drinks. Coffee lovers also find this extremely useful when having their to-go coffees in the morning. 


Rather than a practical use for outdoors and exercise, glass water bottles lean more on its positive attributes such as sustainability and aesthetics. If you are planning to give them away at a posh event or for people with higher status, this can be your best choice for smooth presentation. It offers a hard, sleek, and smooth surface that perfectly creates an elegant backdrop for your logo and intricate designs. But, if your business is a gym or active wear, then you should probably let this idea go.


If your target customers are always on the go, then aluminum is your ideal choice. Its practicality, durability and lightweight attributes makes it a perfect match for athletes and travelers. Most aluminum custom water bottles can easily attach to a belt, suitcase, bike, or backpack and it just screams READY TO GO!

Although it is not as durable and does not offer that much insulating properties of stainless steel, it is more affordable which is why a lot of companies use this.

custom water bottles


Despite everything, no material can snatch the top spot for the most popular water bottle on plastic materials. When it comes to affordability, durability, and convenience, it is a sure win for plastics. However, make sure that you choose non-BPA and durable types of plastics to avoid any health and environmental issues. 

There is a wide variety of eco-friendly plastic bottles that you can use for everyday use. They are lightweight enough for sports and travels, practical for homes, and safe to use for children. It does not easily break unlike glasses but still, it cannot beat stainless steel materials when it comes to insulation properties. 


So, if you are still thinking whether you need custom water bottles as your promotional materials, drop your hesitations and just go! It offers multiple advertising, health, and environmental benefits that you cannot simply ignore. Dad’s Printing also offers affordable and high quality promotional products that can cater to all the printing designs that you need.

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