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Why Should You Give Away Customized Face Masks on Black Friday?

Getting ready to snap up deals for the upcoming Black Friday season? To help you stand out against your competitors, we will give you a unique but relevant item. For sure, everybody needs and wants to have one of this right now. These are the customized face masks.

With face masks being an essential item these days, it makes for a perfect giveaway item for Black Friday. While advertising your brand, you can also show your customers that you care. This is by giving out something they need in everyday life. Here are more reasons why you should gift customized face masks on this Black Friday.

Reasons to Give Away Customized Face Masks

#1. Face Mask Is Essential.

As mentioned a while ago, we have experienced an unwanted catastrophe for almost a year due to the pandemic phenomenon.  To counter it, most countries are mandated to have their people wear face masks for health protection. This makes a great reason why it is one of the top give away choices of stores especially for this upcoming Black Friday season.

This will not only act as your advertising material but will also let your customers know that you care. Moreover, because it is essential, you are sure that they will wear your masks. This is especially if it is reusable and made with great design and material.

#2. You Can Make It Fashionable!

Aside from getting your face masks on hand, you can make them fashionable through customized face masks. If you want to add details, unique touches, or if you want to show off your artistic side, it can be possibly made. That is as if you have found the best printing services and partners to achieve your customized face masks.

And if you feel like you want to showcase your artistic side, you can make it as colorful as you want. Customizing your face masks and making them look more stylish will surely help you stand out among competitors. This will create a great impact to your branding. It will also act as an effective advertising material for you even after the Black Friday ends.

customized face masks

#3. Indeed, Budget-Friendly.

You do not have to spend a lot when you want to get customized face masks. And that’s for real! For this reason, it requires a little amount of ink, details, and fabric cloth that you need to get done. If you are too afraid to hop on customizing your face masks, you can try it first without needing to get so much money from your pockets.

Since Black Friday is coming, we believe you want to have your face mask customized for so long that you aim to not just have a fashionable one but suits a low-cost budget you have designated. Good for you to encounter our article that will help you get your customized face mask just in time before the upcoming season. 

#4. Unique Gift-Giving Concept

Running out of ideas what to give for the Black Friday season? Why don’t you try having a customized face mask instead of the usual mugs, cups, and T-shirts? This one is unique among all the known presents you will give to the recipient of your gift. Trust me, your recipient will make use of the customized face mask not just once. Instead, they will use it every day as it is considered essential protection nowadays.

Aside from being unique, customized face masks are used by a lot of people. People can use their customized face masks when they want to roam around. They can use this on outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or even just walking around the street. This is also a perfect gift for people who love to travel but are afraid of temperature changes. It is also beneficial for those who have asthma to protect them from dust and dirt. 

#5. Offers Multiverse Style and Designs

Given that face masks are made to protect you from any small molecules that may affect your health, they can also be a fashion statement for you as well. Customized face masks can help you show your talents and love for the arts apart from securing your health, as well. With your customized face masks, you can pick any color, and there are a lot of designs you can choose from. 

Whether you want to include your pet’s faces, shapes, patterns, and artworks you have found on the internet, it could be made possible only if you will have the best and most-trusted printing partner you can rely on. With this in mind, your customers will surely remember your store if you give out masks with eye-catching designs that speak to your branding.

For more ideas about how face masks help in advertising your brand, you can read this blog.

Types of Customized Face Masks You Can Choose 

Tired of getting and using the old ones? Well, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the usual ones, but it may be cooler than ever and way better if you try to switch and try a new one. If you feel unique face masks are hard to find because they tend to be marked as sold out immediately, why don’t you try making your own? 

customized face masks

Getting your face masks customized is a good and one-of-a-kind decision you are going to make. So, to help you choose what type of face masks you are getting customized, here’s a list of types to look at. 


I believe you will agree that this is an unusual type of face mask that people seldom use. That is because it has a unique triangular or square piece of cloth that is different from the face masks that you see in a grocery store. You can also customize a bandana if you wish to have one. You can either tie a bandana over your mouth and nose and can also be an alternative headband if you want to.

Although it is way too different from the usual face masks, customized face masks in the style of a bandana can still protect you from the dust, droplets, cough, sneeze, and other particles that could harm your respiratory system. 

Homemade Cloth Mask

Now, if you want an environmental-friendly item, you can turn your old shirts and clothes into a homemade cloth mask. You may refer and contact a printing partner to request your designs and get your face mask customized and recycled. All face masks are made to reduce the amount of potential spread of an out of sight virus or disease. As you may get those particles released into the air. 

As far as we know, the efficacy of your customized face mask mostly depends upon the build and establishment of the face mask. So, that is why it is important to consider and do your research to whom you will trust and give your ideas when getting your face mask customized.


Choosing a do-it-your own face mask may have a big impact on your life. It can be a new business venture, a new skill discovered, and if you just want to show off your craft to anybody. Who knows? Maybe you will get a thousand followers and customers if you pursue having a customized face masks shop partnered with a reliable printing partner like us. 

Customized face masks can be matched almost in any outfit you want. Whether you want to go out with your pajamas, sweatshirts, and favorite sneakers, you can partner it with your customized face masks. Too shy to engage with the public? A customized face mask can save you, too! It is cheap, easy to make, and the most effective protection against possible disease. They are comfy too. You may stretch your customized face masks if you want to have an extra cover to your face. 

Typical Cloth Mask

Okay, we have heard of you, too. Since we keep talking about getting a new taste of designed and customized face masks on hand, there is nothing wrong with preferring the usual and typical customized cloth mask. You can make it quite different from the vibrant ones without adding too many details to it.

Each mask applies also to those people who want one or limited colors placed on their customized face masks. This does not mean that you do not have good taste or just want to deal with the plain, but getting your customized typical face mask can still refrain from an impressive look with its exceptional quality made upon construction. 

customized face masks

Face Masks With Filter And Pockets

This type of face mask is useful, especially for those who are avid fans of multipurpose items. You can get your face mask customized with a filter and pockets already. Yes, that is possible if you ask. This is with the help of technological advancement and the types of printing your printing shop offers. Who does not like pockets, though? They are essential.


And now that we have yielded a bunch of information for you to consider in getting a customized face mask, you only need to inquire about the best and most recommended printing shop that will help you get those customized face masks done. We’d love to help you with that matter at Dad’s Printing. Make your customized face masks! Contact us at Dad’s Printing now! 

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