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Have you ever had an experience of missing your pets while you are away from home? It can be for work purposes or when you have to go to places that does not allow your fur babies to come over. And here you are, thinking about the best possible ways to still be with your pet whenever and wherever you are. The best answer: customizing your pet on socks.

With that in mind, we can help you feel the presence of your beloved fur babies through custom pet socks. Aside from browsing photos of you and your babies on your phone, you may be able to see your pet on socks. It’s almost like they are walking alongside with you wherever you are. Isn’t that amazing?

To make every moment count, here are some pet on socks hacks that you can try. In this article, we will guide you on customizing your own socks from designing to actually choosing your printing partner. Read on to know more about the details.

Who are Pet on Socks For?

Positively agree with the fact that each of us is mesmerized by the beauty of having comfy socks, and to discover that you may be able to see your pets on it is a plus. You are not alone. There is a list of people who would have also loved hoarding pets on socks by any means or no matter what it takes

Pet Lovers

Others may not fully understand how it would be nice to have your adored pet on socks, especially if you have a big heart and empathy for pets. Pet lovers love to spend and allocate stuff to save the delightful moments that you may get through pet on socks.

Business Owners

The pet on socks can help business owners to reach out to their clients, and customers particularly these days. Now, we can say that stylish pet on socks are in demand. Another good outcome for the business owners is that its engagement and connection to the public that makes their customers happy and satisfied with their purchased item.

Birthday Celebrants

The most common birthday giveaways are photo cards containing the photo of the celebrant given to the people who attended the event. While these seem popular, pet-on socks can be aligned also as an option in their giveaway choices. Pet on socks is functional to use over time as it is a great idea for your guests to remember your once-in-a-lifetime moments of yours.

pet on socks

Wedding Couples

Isn’t it lovely to witness a solemn ceremony but make it with a twist that instead of stickers and fridge stamps as giveaways, you will get to gather compliments from your one-of-a-kind pet on socks as wedding giveaways to your guests? Well, this might be a unique one to try on.

Winter Lover

Anyone may agree that their moms have forced you to wear socks at night when it is cold season, right? If not, then this is your chance to give it a try and hop on to the waves of being fond of wearing pet-on socks in cozy and winter weather. Just do not forget to also sip from your cup of hot chocolate and cover up with your favorite blanket on the couch.


Any styles and designed socks will never go out of style, especially if you catch a glimpse of your pet on socks in it. Imagine putting a pet on socks instead of preferring the plain ones you used to wear. You need to try at least to explore your styles even if you feel it does not fit and suitable for you. How would you know if you haven’t tried it at all? Who knows? I mean, you could be the next top model around the world? The possibilities are endless. 


Aside from skateboards, skaters can also wear pet-on socks to express themselves as a representation of being creative and action sports artists in their way. With jumps and tricks classified as a recreational activity, wearing pet-on socks could contribute to their work and love for the art. It could also entertain others and encourage them to support promoting artworks through personalized pet on socks. 


Do you think it may be hilarious to wear printed faces of a pet on socks while on a gig? Don’t you worry, I got you! You do not have to worry about your co-players mocking you for wearing those adorable socks as there are different styles of socks you can wear, such as ankle socks or no-show socks, that would surely fit while rocking on.

Here is an article that will help you understand why you need your custom pet socks. 

How Can You Make Designs of Pet on Socks?

Now that you are thinking to get your pet on socks item, it is important to evaluate the process of creating designs for personalized socks. This could help you assess and realize that your pet on socks is worth purchasing for. So, here are the things you can consider if you are eyeing to buy a pet on socks products.

Step 1. Choose The Design of Socks

There are many styles of socks, and for that, you have to make sure of choosing your preferences that are suitable and compliments well of your style and personality. A few of the styles you can choose from are the no-show, crew cut, quarter, and knee-high socks that best go with your sneakers, retro boots, and even slippers at home.

More than just a style, it is also great protection in your outdoor and physical activities. In addition, choosing a style of socks can make your inner core have that warmth and security guarded against dust and dirt.

pet on socks

Step 2. Pick The Appropriate Color

While it is okay to prefer plains and simple tones, if you want to have a unique flavor of collections of socks, choosing a color theme should be put and prioritized on top. The good thing about customized pet on socks is that you are free to suggest colors placed on them and tell what you want your socks to look like. To try something new gives you the courage to do it once again. I assure you, once you start coming out from your comfort zone colors of choice, your sock closet will give you enough reason to wake up every morning and open that shelf to witness the random colorful alignment of your pet on socks in-store.

Step 3. Analyze The Details

With personalized pet on socks, you can think of putting an image of your pet, patterns, or leave it as it is not too detailed. It could be fine lines, small details, and sentimental symbols you may want to add to your socks. In a customized pet on socks, anything can be possible to imprint, as long as the socks have undergone a complete printing process from a reliable printing company you wish to search.

Designs can be instantly transferred to the socks, so you do not need to take a long time waiting for the delivery of your socks to come. Some take a long time as it requires a lot of stages to consider, but if you are keen to get it as soon as possible, we will provide you below a possible way to engage with the most trusted printing partner.

Step 4. Pick Your Pet’s Best Photo

If you want to have unique socks, you may recommend imprinting your pet’s photo to your desired printing shop. With this, you may insist and sending them photos of your pets and remind them of the high resolution you want to achieve. Dad’s printing can help you attain that accurate and fascinating look of your pet on socks.

You may also send Dad’s printing your preferred background choices and a lot more details you want to add to your personalized socks.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Printing Partner?

For the final stage, since you are now decided to purchase socks, here are the things you can consider in selecting your custom sock printing partner. As promised earlier, we give you the Dad’s printing shop as your go-to printing mate to make the creation of your pet on socks come true.


You do not want to get your money put to waste, and that is the reason why Dad’s printing offers you to reach out for them as it will provide you more than what you expect. From sizes, colors, and style printing capabilities, Dad’s printing methods offer you the best quality of your socks. Not just quality-wise socks, but socks that do not fade easily and tear up when you have washed and worn them countless times.

pet on socks


Demanding quality, there goes your fear of investing money for the product. For sure, you worry about wanting to have good quality socks with the thought of not exceeding the price you will invest in them. With that, Dad’s printing can help you with that matter, as it does not only give the nod in making quality socks but also affordable products. 


As stated above, if you want to achieve the pet on socks item you wish to have, you may check the website of your chosen printing partner. Seek more information, and feel free to voice out your suggestions and inquiries upon the process and accomplishment of your ideal custom pet on socks.


We assure to give you a life-long experience and trustworthy bond to make your pet on socks built. With Dad’s Printing, nothing can hinder your eagerness to bring your beloved pets with you on your travels without missing them through a wide variety of your customized pet on socks. It is time to take them with you on print! Check out our website or contact us at Dad’s Printing.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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