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Top Reasons Why You Should Make Custom Embroidered Patches

Whether you want to create an identity for your organization or just want to give thoughtful gifts to someone, there is always a great reason to create custom embroidered patches. Aside from making them a great accessory to your outfit, it could also help you create a brand personality. This is beneficial not just in the fashion industry but also in other sectors for their giveaways and uniform.

If you want to know more about the benefits of embroidered patches, make sure to read this article. We also listed down ideas where you can use them and how you can create your own patch.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Embroidered Patches?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from making custom embroidered patches no matter what industry you are in. To help you learn more about them, here are some of the perks that will make you consider creating one for yourself.

It Helps You Establish Your Branding.

When planning to establish your personal or business branding, investing on quality custom embroidered patches is a great move. You can increase brand awareness by incorporating your corporate apparel company messaging and logo. Unlike other prints, embroidery gives a more luxurious feeling and is more eye-catching which is great when marketing your business. By partnering with skilled embroidery experts and graphic artists, you can also assure effective branding icons and graphics that will represent your company.

It Brings Inherent Uniqueness.

Most companies will pay to make their branding more unique as this would make an amazing marketing strategy. This is why a lot of companies choose to have custom embroidered patches as their powerful tool. When designing a patch, you can bring out your creativity and company message. 

You can also hire exceptional graphic designers to help you make the best design that will stand out from your competition. However, make sure to collaborate with your decorator when it comes to picking the patch size, thread color, and stitch pattern. You can also ask your printing partner about these details.

It Is Versatile. 

If you think that custom embroidered patches are just for a single use, then you’re totally wrong. It is actually very versatile and you can sew or iron it with any outfit that you like. Even if it’s for a fashion item or for corporate, you can match it with different materials. It can work on cotton, denim, fleece, polyester, and many more.

Aside from garments, these logo or statement embroideries are perfect for any accessories that your staff, customers, or students can wear. For example, you can put it on caps, scarves, bags, ties, aprons, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, and others. This means that you can easily incorporate it with your staff uniform, memorabilias, merchandise, or promotional products.

custom embroidered patches

It Is Very Flexible.

If we’re talking about the benefits of getting custom embroidered patches, you can never deny its flexibility. You can tailor it to suit your specifications and preferences to meet your objectives and overall look. This means that you can totally apply your own branding style for the design of the patches you will make. Whether you want a more fun and edgy look or you prefer simple and professional looking ones, everything is up to you. Just make sure to avoid making your designs over complicated and just use one to three colors for the best result.

Professional Appearance

Do you want to implement dress codes to protect your brand reputation and instill your company ethics to your employees? If your answer is yes, then you should upgrade their plain uniform into something more valuable like putting embroidered logos on their shirt, cap, or ties. By letting them wear a branded uniform, you can boost their morale and it can make a great difference on their actions and productivity. Aside from that, your customers will also be able to distinguish your staff easily and will surely appreciate this level of professionalism.

Where Can You Use Custom Embroidered Patches?

Are you still wondering about the other uses of custom embroidered patches? Aside from using it for uniform, you can also use it as a decoration or accessory on other items. It is also flexible to different events and objectives. Here are some of them:

Charity Patches

If you want to create more impact and offer memorabilias on your charity event, it is ideal to make custom embroidered patches. In fact, we often receive a lot of orders from various charities who are looking to get creative patches that will support their cause. It could either be their logo, their popular statement, or other creative designs. Aside from giveaways, some charities also sell these patches on booths to add more proceeds for their cause.

School Teams

We tend to hold a great pride from our alma mater even if it is in high school, college or university, or nurseries. So, a lot of people want to show off what school they come from by flaunting their uniforms in end-of-the-year accomplishments, sports teams, and other competitions. Some alumnus are even willing to buy their school merchandise for memories.

To make these apparels look better and personalized, it is best to utilize high quality patches for them. You can use the same school logos and colors to make them look even better.

Work Uniforms

As mentioned before, custom embroidered patches are perfect for work uniforms.Whether it is a private institution or government offices, having people wear clothes with your organization’s logo brings pride and morale for everyone. 

It is also ideal if you don’t want to cover the cost of uniforms and would like your workers to just wear the same color of shirts. You can make their uniform look more professional and sophisticated by providing iron-on or sew-on patches. They are even easy to use!

custom embroidered patches

Travel Groups

Do you love travelling or is your business in a tourist spot? Grab the opportunity by creating custom patches with the design of your place. Explorers love collecting memorabilias and souvenirs from the places they visit. Some prefer collecting patches that they can easily attach on their bag, jacket, or banners without much effort.

Special Events

Custom embroidered patches are ideal for giveaways or gifts in any special event. It gives off a classy, personalized vibe that shows how much effort and care you put in the said event. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, or even wedding, people will surely love something that will remind them of the special occasion. 

Patches are versatile too so you have a lot of options to what you will give. For example, if it is a bachelor party, you can give neckties with embroidery. If it is for a wedding, small patches will also look great for handkerchiefs or bags. You can also finish off your birthday party by handing out caps, loot bags, or shirts with patches.

Shop Merchandise

If you are into business and want to show off your creativity, you can also sell patches that will showcase your designs. If you put it online and make small advertisements about it, a lot of customers will surely love buying it. They can use it to accessorize their jackets, clothes, or bags, and you will feel great seeing pictures of them appreciating your design. 

It is even better if you are an artist or have a graphic designer that can create unique, fun, and trendy patch designs that people prefer. However, you should choose your specific niche and target market for this. 

Marketing Events

Do you have an approaching marketing event that you are currently preparing for? Custom embroidered patches are great for these instances. You can offer giveaways as promotional items of your business. They can showcase your logo, statement, or a simple message about the event or your company. With great design and high quality patches, you will surely be a hit on the said event!

How Can You Make Great Custom Embroidered Patches?

While it is easy to identify your purpose, it is a bit difficult to understand the process of creating custom embroidered patches especially if you don’t have any experience. To help, here are some of the factors that you should consider:

Choosing the Right Size

One of the most important parts of creating patches is choosing the size. This will affect the overall design and functionality of your creation depending on use. For example, if you want to have a patch meant for neckties or hats of children, then you should choose smaller ones. However, a larger size is suitable for bags and the back of a jacket to make them more noticeable.

Moreover, the size of the patch will determine how intricate your design could be. Of course, smaller details and fonts will not look good for smaller patches. Meanwhile, a larger one will offer more room for more complex design details without looking cluttered or muddy.

custom embroidered patches


The border of your custom embroidered patches is important. For simple designs like circles, ovals, or squares, it is best to choose merrowed borders which are slightly raised. However, you should use die-cut borders for more complex designs like images or statements. This border is an excellent choice for designs with pieces sticking out.

Backing Options

There are several backing options for patches such as plastic, velcro, heat seal, and self-sticking. There are also unbacked patches that you need to sew directly to the garment. Each of these options have different qualities that you need to consider when choosing for your patch. For convenience, a lot of people choose heat seals and velcro which won’t need any sewing skills.


There you have it, the reasons why you should have your custom embroidered patches and how to make one. But, what if you are not an artist and cannot design your own patch? At Dad’s Printing, we have our own set of professionals that can help you achieve the best ones that will suit your preferences. ALL AT A REASONABLE PRICE!

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