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5 Reasons to Customize Pet Socks For Your Pet Business

If you ever saw someone customize pet socks with pictures of their pets, what is your initial reaction? Most people would think it is really cute and would automatically wonder where they purchase those socks. And if you are business-minded like I am, you’d see this as a great opportunity to advertise your pet business without spending much.

In the past, you needed to have a large budget to customize pet socks but that is far from the truth now. The recent technological development opens an opportunity to have personalized socks in a smaller number of order which makes them perfect for practicality. If you are still wondering why you should create your own pet socks for your pet business and how to do it, we’ll help you in this article.

Why You Should Customize Pet Socks For Pet Business

If you will think about simple, practical, and thoughtful gifts for your team and customers, socks would be on top of your list. This is because aside from having the power to warm anyone’s toes, it can also melt everyone’s heart especially if it displays their pet’s faces. To help you understand its benefits for your pet business, here are some of them:

1. They Help To Inspire Teamwork And Camaraderie.

You might think that your employees already adheres to the principles and ideals that your pet business stands for. However, there are times where they need a little push or reminder about it. This is why a lot of companies choose to have murals of their brand statement in their offices. However, if you don’t think this is possible, giving out custom pet socks with your company colors and inspiring words is a great choice too. 

It can make your employees feel a stronger connection to your business. It will help in building camaraderie and company culture which are all from your thoughtful action. By customizing pet socks and giving them out to your team, you can inspire them to feel a natural sense of togetherness.

2. They Can Cheer Up Employees Who Need Support.

The pandemic has taken a great toll on all of us and if you want your employees to feel better in these trying times, giving them simple yet thoughtful gifts is a great answer. In this case, custom pet socks can be a great pick-me-up item for your pet business team. It is also a very convenient and handy product which means that you can choose to deliver them door-to-door or give them out personally in your store.

customize pet socks
customize pet socks

3. They Can Serve As Little Walking Promotional Items.

What’s great about choosing this item is that they can serve as walking promotional items for your business. You can customize pet socks however you want. They can be as bold and colorful or simple and minimalistic as you want. However, if one of your main goals for giving out these socks is for advertisement, it would be better to make them as eye-catching as you can. Although this is not your initial priority in mind, it is still a great conversation starter for your business.

You can also ask your employees to share your pet socks on social media which will garner more attention and engagement for your business. Moreover, there is a high chance that your employees will wear them repeatedly on a daily basis which can garner interest from people who will see them. This way, instead of paying for online advertisements, your thoughtful action can turn into an advantageous step for your pet business. 

4. They  Are Great For Corporate Events.

If you have an upcoming corporate event inside your company or are planning to participate on trade shows, pet socks will be a memorable giveaway! You can customize pet socks and make them as eye-catching as you want! Moreover, because you own a pet business, it would be really appropriate and cute at the same time.

There are a lot of ways to give them out at corporate events. For example, you can set them as prizes for event participation. It also makes wonderful welcoming or send-off gifts for your participants and guests. If you have a fund-raising event, you can also include them on your auction items or booths and people will be more than willing to pay for them!

5. They Can Increase Employee Productivity.

Are you thinking of a great way to boost employee productivity and increase their sense of motivation? You can actually customize pet socks and make them a great prize for reaching their productivity goals. Whether it is for task-oriented outcomes or completing quotas and goals, a pair of cool and cute socks can serve as an incentive for them. Plus, it can motivate them to work even harder and give their next-level effort for other tasks.

Once a person or team receives their prize, it can serve as a great rewards program that can spark interest and participation of your employees.

How To Customize Pet Socks

When you customize pet socks, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration. Whether you have a partner printer store or not, you need to factor the fabric, length, and print design that you want. These things will determine the success of your projects. But, there are also other printing shops that offer design and manufacturing packages.

Here are the steps that you should take when you customize pet socks:

Step 1. Consider the materials that you will use.

customize pet socks
customize pet socks

As the fashion innovation is progressing, there are also a lot of sock materials that are available in the market. From simple monochrome socks to more daring and modern sock-making techniques like fiber-blending, the variety of their designs is endless. Here are some of the popular fibers that you can choose for your pet business:

  • Acrylic: This is a man-made fiber that can appear in a variety of bright colors.
  • Cashmere: This fabric type gives out a soft and luxurious feel that everyone in your team will surely love.
  • Cotton: This is a more common choice with breathable fiber and natural moisture absorption properties.
  • Lurex: This is a perfect choice for those who want sparkly, metallic threads for unique pet socks.
  • Nylon: This provides elasticity and durability especially and is blendable with other fibers..

Step 2. Choose your length.

There are different types of socks with various lengths ranging from no show up to above-the-knee styles. You can pick any of them for your team but if you want to know the common styles most people choose, you’ll typically see short socks, crew socks, and knee-high socks. As you can see, these socks are more flexible and can show your branding and pet designs clearly.

While knee-high socks can show big statements and prints where you want them, crew socks are also effective in showing your designs for the crowd. It typically falls somewhere between the calf and the ankle and most people choose this design when they customize pet socks. Meanwhile, showt socks are ideal if most of your receivers are sporty types and want something more minimalistic. 

Step 3. Determine Your Ideal Sizing.

A lot of people think that all socks are just free-size when in truth, sizing is actually one of the important things that you need to consider when you customize pet socks. While it is difficult to accommodate all employee’s sizes, you can still take their sizes in consideration when ordering custom socks. You never want to leave your male employees out when you order smaller sizes just because the majority of your workers are female.

Sock sizes are actually slightly universal and if your receivers have typical sizes, then you can choose just one-size that will suit everyone. For women’s shoe sizes 5 to 10 and men’s 4 to 7.5, you can pick a sock size of 9-11. Meanwhile, women’s 10.5 to 13 and men’s 8 to 12.5 can perfectly fit a sock size of 10-13. Just by ordering two options, you can usually cover everyone in your team.

Step 4. Pick Your Colors and Prints with Logos Or Emblems.

Now that you have your material, length, and size that you want to accommodate, it is now time to select your base color and print. Remember that depending on your base color and printing method, your design’s outcome may vary. To avoid any mistakes, make sure to ask your printing shop partner about the things that you need to consider for designs. Some shops, (like Dad’s Printing) will even take initiative on advising you about the right design and offer to edit them for you.

customize pet socks
customize pet socks

When you customize pet socks, make sure to choose bright and high-quality photos of your pet. It is also better to just crop their faces and add more statements for a cooler and more intricate look.

Place Your Order Now!

See how easy it is to customize pet socks? After all those steps, you are now ready to place your order and expect quick turnaround times. It is also best to choose the best packaging to complete the gift-look. While some opt to have simple plastic packaging, some choose gift boxes with notes and ribbons.

If you want to start customizing your pet socks now, Dad’s Printing can help you all throughout the entire process. Contact us here and check out our website for more details.

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