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A custom pair of socks can be one of the best things to give as a personalized gift. Not only are they super affordable, but they’re also easy to design and send out. The holiday season is right around the corner and what a better way to spread some joy than by giving custom socks!

There are plenty of reasons custom socks make the perfect gift and promotional item. However, custom socks can be a pain to design. But don’t worry! We have put together some helpful tips to make designing custom socks a breeze.

Despite the difficulties, we can help you get the best custom socks with our ten tips below.

Tip One: Consider the event

The first thing you want to do is to consider what event you’re customizing custom socks for. Is it for a company launch or just a social event like a birthday party? Maybe it’s for a baby shower or maybe you just want to give custom socks because, why not? Considering that Halloween and Christmas are coming soon, you may want to match your theme with these events.

The design, material, and type of socks that you will choose may vary depending on the event or occasion that you will use it for.

Tip Two: Specify The Target Recipients

The second step would be customizing custom socks based on the people you plan to give it to. Customize socks with specific information and unique qualities for each person. This way, they know that your custom sock gift is made especially for them. When designing socks, remember to customize them like how the recipient may appreciate it the best!

Tip Three: Make It Personal

The third step would be customizing custom socks with your own special touch. Customize socks with details that are close to the recipient’s heart. Remember to have fun customizing socks! Put down whatever may come into your head because as long as it fits the event or occasion, well then, go for it!

Tip Four: Pick The Custom Socks Style

Sock designs make personalizing easy. Choose from a range of patterns in a variety of lengths. No-show or ankle socks are more obvious than knee-high or crew length ones. You can also consider the color and designs that you want for the final outcome of your project.

Here are some of the custom socks styles that you can consider:

  • Tube socks for those who wants custom socks with a casual feel
  • Tight fitting athletic socks for those who love sports and physical activities
  • Wool boot sock that can keep you warm during the cold winter months
  • Crew socks for a classic look and feel
  • Knee high socks for a different design, fun colors, and patterns.
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Tip Five: Choose The Custom Socks Material

Now that you’re decided on the design and style of socks that you want, you should think about customizing socks based on its material. There are different custom sock materials and here’s a list of the most common ones:

  • Cotton
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Merino Wool
  • Polyester
  • Lycra Spandex
  • Coolmax Polyester
  • Polypropylene

There also several technologies that can help increase the performance of your sock:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Blister Control
  • Compression
  • Climate Control
  • ProDRI

Depending on the material, the type of printing or weaving your custom socks may vary. This is important to consider as it may also affect the turnaround time and prince of your project.

Step Six: Consider The Custom Socks Length

For both aesthetic and practical reasons, the length of your socks is significant. For example, formal socks are considered to be longer than yoga socks. The custom socks length you will choose is up to your personal preference and the style that you want to go for.

  1. Knee-High

These custom socks ride all the way up to the knee and are the longest socks option. Because this type offers the most coverage, you may make modifications to your designs without sacrificing anything. Moreover, most people prefer this for athletics and fashion items.

  1. Crew

This is slightly smaller than the previous one and are calf-length socks. This is often opted for formal settings so if you are planning to distribute the socks for businessmen, this is ideal for you. Crew socks are the most popular size of them all and designs are clearly visible on this size.

  1. Quarter

 If you want a sock that reaches up to the ankle, you should choose quarter socks. These are great with sneakers and are typically seen at sports activities.

  1. Low cut

These socks are short enough to just reach the ankle. They are shorter than quarter socks in length.

  1. No Show

If you will distribute your socks for teens, you can choose this style. They generally stop at the ankle bone’s midpoint and are meant to be undetectable when the shoes are worn. These are perfect for flats and low-top shoes.

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Tip Seven: Select the color of your custom socks

Choosing the color of your custom socks is really important. It plays a crucial role in selecting the printing method that you’ll take. For example, if you want knitted ones, note that there are limited colors that you can use. Meanwhile, some printing methods don’t work in specific colors, especially dark ones.

So, make sure that you choose the colors you’ll use correctly. Consider using one or two colors to make your custom sock project special. Try customizing custom socks with a gradient effect, it will surely add more uniqueness and fun on your custom sock design!

Tip Eight: Pick Custom Socks Printing Method

There are different custom sock printing methods. Here are some of the most common custom sock printings that you can choose from:

Plastisol Ink

This custom socks printing method is commonly used because it’s cheap and fast. It makes customizing easy but only allows limited colors to use on your personalized socks.

Water-based Ink 

A lot of people choose to use this printing method as it is environmentally friendly but this custom sock printing method is also slower than its counterpart.

Heat Transfer

This custom socks printing method makes it easy to print on your socks because all you need to do is just press the design onto the material with a warm iron. However, you should consider the color, design, and the clothing material you will use

Dye Sublimation

This printing method makes customizing socks with multiple colors and designs and images and text easy and fast! But make sure that you choose custom buckets wisely as it can be expensive.

Tip Nine: Choose Your Printing Shop

Now, it’s time to print the custom socks! We’ve talked about four different ways that you can customize socks – what would you choose? What kind of socks do you want? Do you prefer socks with images or text? What color would you like your personalized socks to be?

With so many choices, the only limit is your imagination. Now get out there and design your personalized socks!

But, how do you choose the perfect printing shop that will cater to your needs? Here is a checklist of the things you could do:

  • Search custom socks printing shops near your place to make sure that coordinating with them won’t be a hassle. If there are better shops in further places that offer greater quality with the same or lower price, you can also consider them.
  • Contact printing shops that offer services within your budget. Make sure that you will not go beyond your budget to avoid complications in the end.
  • Request for custom socks samples to ensure the quality of socks and designs that they can produce. Check out our offers here!
  • Read reviews about the shop online or ask someone you know that has used their services before. This will help you know how the shop treats their previous customers and what you can expect.
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Tip Ten: Receive And Pack Your Custom Socks!

Once the custom socks are ready, you can now wait for the delivery in your area. Make sure to check if you receive the correct number and design that you initially ordered. If there are no issues, you can now start packing your socks and distribute them.


Custom  socks are indeed one of the more unique promotional items that you can use to market your brand. Customization does not only add personalized touch, but they are also easier to make than other promotional items. You can guarantee that people will appreciate and use them better.

So, if you are interested in having your own custom socks, Dad’s Printing can help.  We customize socks that are made with high quality prints and guarantee your desired designs. Contact us to know more!

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