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Sublimation Printing T-shirt Is The Latest Technology Endorsing In Apparel Industry

Advanced techniques of T-shirt printing came into use as the craze for T-shirts grew. T-shirts with a lot of varieties can now be produced with the invention of a more durable ink plastisol.

For printing T-shirts with different designs and motifs going with the contemporary facts and trends, later the tie-and-dye process and the silk screen printing also came into use now.

Sublimation printing T-shirts is popularly used on T-shirts now as it is a printing process which works on any medium. And there are sublimation printing companies too which uses this technology.

It is especially great for printing complicated patterns with different colors as this printing method works on most fabrics. Colors here are printed layer by layer to produce the sharp details in this sublimation printing.

How does it work?

The print process that employs heat to transfer ink or dye onto the fabric or other material is what the traditional dye sublimation printing on a fabric does. Although not by becoming a liquid, sublimation simply works by converting dyes from a solid state to the gaseous state.

In order to transfer photographs and highly intricate designs onto fabric or cloth, the process was developed. This technique is also available as sublimation printing t-shirt online.

Depending on the situation and the investment which one has made, T-shirt printing techniques are also adopted. Heat transfer technique is a better choice for small business purposes. By the heat transfer method, a design is pressed on the fabric in this process.

Sublimation Printing T-shirt

It is faster than the screen printing as small quantities are produced. The fabric cracks often and does not last long enough through the fabric gives a smooth feeling. The use of colors is restricted here and this is only the negative part here. Space occupied here is less.

As the heat presses on the colored T-shirt does not give the desired effect it is preferable to process on white T-shirts and this is the reason the sublimation technique is the best one.

Searching for sublimation printing companies

While searching for sublimation printing companies you need to consider few things. For more than many years, sublimation printing on garments has been on the limelight. People were stamping designs on garments long before Guttenberg introduced his printing press. Screen printing was the method that was used.

Nearly two thousand years ago it was invented in China. Screen printing is still the most popular method of custom printing as incredible as it may be. The process has changed very little in all those years is what more incredible fact it is.

The stencil designs are attached on a simple wooden screen on which the contemporary printers still rely on. It is then stamped onto a blank garment as paint or ink is applied to the design.

For high school graduations, sports teams, clubs, and for special events like weddings and bachelor parties, the method is used to create custom T-shirts.

It is an easy way to spread the word as most new companies cannot afford traditional advertising, printing up custom T-shirts or with custom apparel printing and giving them away to the local community. The first large color inkjet printer that was designed to print on something other than paper was the Iris printer.

The potential was recognized and invested in the new technology of the textile industry. It was little more than a test project in the early 1990s however.

Sublimation Printing T-shirt

On short run production, the machine was capable of digital printing basic designs. For the machine to handle high volume printing, replacement cartridges and parts were simply too expensive.

To invest in digital printing, the addition of relatively inexpensive dye-based inks encouraged companies in the textile industry. They realized that these dye were inexpensive for a reason, that is, they were not durable is what they realized in time. They ran when they got wet as they generally did not fade in the sunlight.

Finding the right Sublimation printing T-shirt design

While looking for the right sublimation printing t-shirt design you need to look into how it is done. After the prints are produced, Vinyl transfers give the option to choose multiple colors and high quality. A logo or print from a sheet is cut out with a vinyl cutter.

Then by the process of heat transfer, it is then pressed on the T-shirt. For mass production, this process is not suitable. For its high-quality print lettering on the fabrics stands best, it goes best with single print T-shirts.

For the light colored fabrics, sublimation printing is suitable. The output of the printing is better as the ink jet is turned into gas on heating. Only on the synthetic fabrics, this process finds a limited use due to its limited availability.

Designs are made on plain paper and printed on the fabric by simple heat transfer method with the help of laser printers and sublimation dyes of special tones.

T-shirts with various messages and graphics printed on them there are many stores that specialize in selling these novelty t-shirts.

Sometimes insulting, sometimes funny and sometimes outrageous is what the messages are which you can easily do this with a wide-format printer as many of these t-shirts are oriented also using the silkscreen printing.

You can come up with the image that you want and have the printer render it on your shirt once again.To express your fashion sense there are many ways by which you can use a wide-format printer. It is fun as well as the best thing to work in when sublimation on a T-shirt is done.

Sublimation Printing T-shirt

The process of putting your own designs onto a special, transfer paper which is then heat-pressed over the top of the garment and the design is transferred onto the product is what sublimation printing is. Making it perfect for those in a rush, this printing technique allows for full-color designs to be printed very quickly.

It is a highly creative technique and a great option for fashion clothing and for custom sublimated T-shirt business, due to the fact that you can print photographic quality designs. Bold, eye-catching colors that will have any workwear, sportswear and fashion clothing look superb is what this printing produces.

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