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Screen Printing​ Winnipeg

Get amazing prices and top-notch quality with minimum order quantities as low as 12 units!​

T-shirt printing requires no compromise when using Dads Printing since we offer the best combination of quality and price when it comes to screen printing in Canada, with wholesale minimums of 12 units.
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What Is Screen Printing?

If you are in search of cost-effective and classic methods to embellish clothing, Dad’s Printing Winnipeg, look no further than Dads Printing. They are the top choice for all your printing needs. Rest assured, our platform is the ideal solution for any new brand seeking the ultimate promotional product to generate maximum exposure and long-lasting engagement in Winnipeg. When it comes to designing your own t-shirts in Winnipeg, you have two fantastic options. You can either unleash your creativity and create your very own unique design, or you can browse through our wide selection of standard designs that are sure to impress. The choice is yours! However, it is important to have a good understanding of screen printing and how it can affect the design options available to you when creating your own custom t-shirt. screen printing. Regardless of whether the price is five or ten dollars, quality should be your top priority when selecting a t-shirt for screen printing purposes in Winnipeg. With my expertise in custom t-shirt printing in Winnipeg, we can help you select the right quality t-shirt for your unique design needs.

Why choose Dad's Printing for screen printing?

Dad’s Printing in Winnipeg, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our commitment to meeting the needs of all our customers. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch screen printing products at a price that gives you the best value for your money. Our goal is to become the top choice for businesses in Winnipeg and establish strong partnerships with like-minded companies..
  • We offer a wide range of blank apparel options for you to choose from, or you can even provide your own pieces.
  • Our printing services cover a wide range of colors and fabrics
  • Experience the power of our expansive printing options, with sizes reaching an impressive 14×16 inches.
  • Experience our top-notch in-house Design services
  • Discover our convenient Packaging & Fulfillment services 
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With our extensive knowledge in Quality Control, Apparel Production, and global experience in warehousing and transportation, the Dads Printing Team is committed to ensuring a smooth Canadian Apparel production process for you, regardless of the product or print!

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