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Refund/Return Policy

Dads Printing does not offer refunds or exchanges on any custom printed product unless there is a definable defect, meaning one of the following:

  1. The product is visibly defective (there are major inconsistencies affecting over 30% of the print or construction of the garment)
  2. Specs or measurements are not matched within a 20% margin when specified
  3. A hard deadline is missed (meaning that a deadline was established prior to the order being placed and both parties were in agreement on the delivery date) 

If one of these three occur, an exchange or a discount on the order would be proposed. If that doesn’t work, a refund is justified but a reprint will be initially proposed. Refunds will only be issued to the method of payment that the order was placed on.

In the case where a client is providing thier own garments, we cannot be held liable for any damages to those garments from prints or misprints. However, we would hold liability for the printing. 

In the case where the postal service is the cause of a delivery being delayed beyond a hard deadline, Dad’s Printing also does not assume liability for the product but will be willing to refund the shipping. 

Dads Printing reserves the right and requires that customers pay at least 50% upfront. Once a deposit is placed Dad’s Printing is not responsible or required to provide a refund on any orders that have begun.

Any order being placed on our site or through our sales reps will be subject to the above terms regarding our refund policy. If you require any clarification on any of these policies please email