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The Various Metal Photo Print Techniques Used In This Modern Era

Printing technology has been in and around at all ages. With the passage of time, printing techniques have evolved giving rise to high quality and high definition prints. In the same manner, this respectively has given rise to prints on metal which is in growing demand.

Today we are showing to turn the limelight on the various printing techniques on metals which are utilized for various purposes.

Dye-sublimation metal prints

People are most likely referring to prints that are made through the dye-sublimation process when they are referring to metal photo prints. Dye-sublimation was discovered in France in 1957 by Noel de Plasse, a researcher at a textile company Lainiere de Roubaix who notice that some solid dyes could transition to the gaseous phase without ever becoming a liquid and this is not a new process.

This was used extensively to print on textiles, paper, and other materials to create fabrics, banners, signs and even household items such as mugs and this was also dubbed as “transfer printing”.

The newer application of this process when it comes to metal prints Vancouver which are most commonly aluminum. Techniques for creating metal prints through dye sublimation in 2003 was developed by Roger Laudy, a professional printer, and owner of Image Wizards in Kentucky.

Metal Photo Prints

The process involved

The image is first printed in reverse onto sublimation paper using special inks to make metal photo prints made with the dye sublimation printing process. This print is secured on top of a coated aluminum sheet in a heat press after it is cut to size. Then, the ink is turned to gas and bonded to metal because of the heat and pressure which is applied to it.

Styling your home

It is the right time to get creative with metal prints to give a sleek and contemporary look. Metal wall décor is a rarer commodity while the framed photos and canvas prints may dominate the walls of your friends and relatives.

Making a Sleek Statement

Metal photo prints make an impact though they are a relatively new trend. With a glossy coating which makes colors and light shine, capturing every detail, your best photos are infused onto the sleek metal panel in the size which you prefer. By printing your pictures which have strong contrast, vibrant hues, and a luminescent quality you need to take advantage of the unique medium. It will look brilliant on metal when it comes to outdoor family photos from sunny days against a colorful backdrop.

UV aluminum photo prints

UV curable inkjet printing is another method for aluminum prints Vancouver. An image is directly printed onto aluminum with special inks which is cured under the UV light in this method. Instead of combining it with the dye-sublimation so that there is no sheen to the ink as in other metal prints as these deposits the ink on top of the aluminum substrate.

You will also come across other types of prints in the market which is being referred to as metal prints but they are all misnomers. Featuring multiple sheets of paper and laminate often Mylar, a metallic print is simply a photo printed on metallic paper.

In the industry, metal aluminum prints have become a continuous trend. In the continuous expansion in the range of metals, alloys, and metallic composites which can be produced in this technology, its main advantage lies in this.

Metal Photo Prints

To produce parts of any desired mechanical and chemical properties is what this allows the manufactures to do. Instead of the traditional technologies, there are a couple of other benefits too in the production of the printed parts.

1. Images take a longer time to fade off

If exposed to the sun for a consistent period it is known that the graphics and texts can fade on paper. Before that happens, one of the many advantages of professional metal prints Vancouver is the long delay. The fading process only begins after 100 years of sunlight exposure as a matter of fact.

2. Scratch resistant HD Metal Prints

Dyes get transferred beneath the aluminum exterior coating or sublimation during the transfer process. Than the conventional paper and canvas prints, it ensures the finished product is more durable. The printed graphics and text cannot get scratched or peeled off is what you get something more. Metal prints are the best option for you if you desire a durable, long-lasting image.

3. Giving a modern and a traditional look with metal prints

You can place them in conventional frames is what the bonus of HD metal prints onto aluminum is. They will look in place with the other artwork hung on your walls is what it means. You can also go for the modern look and suspend them using floating wall hooks as a matter of fact.

4. Holding up against the heat

It could have devastating consequences if a fire were to occur in your premises. The materials which are made are fire resistant. It will not get damaged by the heat even if you are in an area where there are often high temperatures. For a variety of high-heat applications that makes them an ideal printing format.

The rising fact of metal prints in Vancouver

Metal prints are exactly what you have been waiting for if you are looking for a modern way to display your photos in HD quality and head-turning color. On a computer screen, it is hard to illustrate the superiority of metal photo prints.

It is the one that makes your jaw drop if you were to see them next to a traditional photo print in person and the difference would be obvious. Here is all that you need to know if you are ready to show off that incredible shot. Metal prints are also done by including copper, zinc, and aluminum is what the commonly used metal flakes include.

Metal Photo Prints

Rather they look like a continuous uniform color that can mimic whatever metal-type aesthetic you are going for as these small pieces in the pigment do not actually show up as dots visible to the naked eyes, you can even employ a gold pigment that jumps off the page if you really want to wow people.

Metal prints to gift your loved ones

The most eye-catching one is the glossy when it comes to the metal prints. This finish brings the most vivid colors out of metal prints although there is some glare. It is the most vivid colors out of the metal prints although there is some glare. The most glares free and low in contrast when it comes to Matte. When it comes to Sastin, it is more like matte and glossy.


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