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Making Custom Sublimation Shirts For Promotional Product

The reason why people should receive custom sublimation shirts as their promotional product is because it can have a big impact on your marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign will have a great effect on your business, especially if you want to enlarge your business. Having a business that has a successful marketing campaign is a challenge that you need to present to the public.

There are various reasons why people should use custom sublimation shirts as their promotional product. If you are out of ideas on what would make for a good promotional product, there is no need for you to worry because custom sublimation shirts can do the trick. This article will be talking about the advantages of having these shirts as your promotional item.

But first, What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is popular as a product of modern printing techniques with technological advancement. It uses heat transfer to print our images, designs, colors, and patterns on fabrics. In short, it is the digital sublimation and a process to decorate clothing and other promotional products used. Such promotional products are apparel, signs, banners, and other materials that you can sublimate and print. But most importantly, it is ideal for creating custom shirts.

It does not follow a lot of procedures and you can do it in just two-part of processes. This includes the print of your graphic ideas through sublimation printer machine and inks. You also don’t need to use the heat press to transfer the ink-on-sublimation-friendly surfaces and materials. 

Dye sublimation is a process where a special printer heats a special ribbon that rolls over your graphic. Your design is then output to a special printing plate. You can use this plate in a heat press machine. When you use the plate to print, the ink will heat up and you can press it into a shirt or other fabric to create a sharp image. It helps to have the right equipment and understand the process so that you don’t waste time and money.

custom sublimation shirts

Why Do People Choose Custom Sublimation Shirts

There are numerous reasons why people choose to customize their shirts through sublimation. To help, here is a short list of why people love their custom sublimation shirt and how it can benefit them. We all know that a custom shirt makes a great gift, but there are many other reasons why people go for this clothing.

Great For Promotions

It is notable that people tend to choose customized sublimation shirts in their own parties or events at work. Such shirts are ideal for promotion or advertising that’s why some businesses choose it. The most common reason why most of them opt for customized sublimation shirt is because most of them use special dress code. Employees can also wear them as their uniform.

Never Go Out of Style

Custom sublimation printing has gone out and is still on-trend through the years. It is due to many organizations prefer to use this as their promotional product. This includes boosting their products, giveaways, and as advocacy campaign material. Having sublimation shirts helps people to recognize what you are trying to promote. It is possible even without the need of exerting much effort in explaining what is your advocacy all about. 

Welcomes Multiple Colors of Your Choice

Custom sublimation shirts are not only available in a single color. It allows you to put your ideas into a masterpiece. You can be as creative as you want when creating your own version of custom shirt. People love to purchase things that have unique styles and designs. Since sublimation shirts are customized, you can choose the theme and color palette of your promotional products to name. 

Highlights Your Creativity

Apart from the good quality and design possibilities, you can introduce your personality on your work of art. Custom sublimation shirts can amplify your skills that could bridge links and relationships with your future business ventures. All you need to do is to think outside the box and choose the best printing partner to create your promotional products.

Embraces Both Traditional and Modern Printing Methods

Despite the contemporary benefits mentioned, customized sublimation shirts do not completely meet your needs and only aim to promote your products. They also contribute to welcoming the modern printing method without leaving the traditional input of manual printing. How is it related? We use modern printing tools to apply the designs to custom sublimation shirts and sew the other parts of the fabric or your custom sublimation shirt to finalize the look of your piece. 

custom sublimation shirts

Advantages of Printing Custom Sublimation Shirts

Aside from the reasons, we will give you more information about the most recommended sublimation printing. Here are the advantages of custom sublimation shirt printing that could benefit you and your future customers as well. 

  1. Customized sublimation printing allows you to print on mugs, photo slates, plates, clocks aside from your custom sublimation shirts.
  2. It can be done instantly. With simple step-by-step procedures, this is termed as a very short learning curve in printing. 
  3. As mentioned above, it offers more than just a single color depending on your choice yours. It plays to an unlimited range of colors. The good thing about that is it can lessen the possibility of additional cost, making you obtain your fantastic design at a low cost. Whether you decide to follow the standard or get it personalized, the unit cost remains the same. 
  4. The designs printed and embedded on your custom sublimation shirts will go noticeable as it provides a high-quality printing execution that cannot be scratched and fade its color for years.
  5. It is easy and fast. By reaching out to the best printing partner, you can produce your custom sublimation shirts as soon as possible.

Disadvantages of Custom Sublimation Shirts Printing

And to be fair, here is the other flip side of the coin when it comes to the disadvantages of custom sublimation shirt printing if not properly guided and connected with the most trusted printing shop. 

  1. Your personalized sublimation shirts require a fabric that would complement the inks and designs that will be printed. The fabric must be of 100% good quality and applicable to the printing machine of your manufacturer.
  2. Sometimes other printing shops require limited items, designs, and colors depending on the capability of their printing methods and machines. 
  3. Customized sublimation shirts must have at least a white portion in fabric because black or any colored areas will be unable to print your designs and patterns. 
  4. There is a possibility of the decrease or faded color in the upcoming years if not protected against the impact of UV rays and being washed regularly. 
  5. If the printing partner did not exceed your hopes to create and execute a custom sublimation shirts you designed, this means that their printing methods and machines are not used frequently, which could not improve your delighted aims to print custom sublimation shirts. 
  6. It limits the customized sublimation shirts according to the sizes available on your chosen printing partner. This welcomes the possibility of having a maximum size, enlarged designs, blurred and low-quality customized sublimation shirts. 

How to prevent issues on your custom sublimation shirts?

Nowadays you can find a lot of people using online stores to order some custom sublimated t-shirts for their business, schools, or organizations. There are many different products and brands of custom sublimation shirts and these garments will always have some common problems. Hence, if you want to avoid these issues, here are some tips that you can do before you order the custom sublimated t-shirts that you like.

Visualize the Materials and Details Needed Ahead. 

In order to prevent unwanted disadvantages from coming, it is necessary to plan and take note of the possible consequences that you may encounter along the way. Have a list of materials and details as part of your preparation in proposing your plan to your printing partner. 

custom sublimation shirts

Focus on Your Budget Rule. 

It is important to stick with your budget to avoid unnecessary and unplanned expenses. Your target is to have your custom sublimation shirts at a low cost but a good quality product that will meet your expectations and not exceed your supposed budget rule designated for the product. 

Choose the Best and Most-Trusted Printing Shop.

It does not only depend on the budget and plans but all about the execution of your proposal. You have to have thorough research on whom you will give your ideas and trust that they will make your aims possible. Choosing the best and most-trusted printing shop is equivalent to choosing your right to get what you deserve.

For more ideas about the best practices in dye sublimation printing, check out our article here.

Dad’s Printing to the rescue!

If we don’t seem familiar to you, allow us to introduce ourselves by reaching out to us and witnessing the products we have successfully produced. Dad’s printing is here to help you with your concern on accomplishing your plan to customize sublimation shirts on the go and as soon as possible. Dad’s Printing will make sure to print your apparel with good quality and affordability. 

Moreover, Dad’s Printing is keen to provide you with an affordable dye sublimation process for your promotional products. This does not go only with clothes, but in socks, mugs, socks, sweatshirts, and face masks that can be personalized too. For inquiries, contact us at Dad’s Printing website. We will be glad to work and team up with you!

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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