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How to Remove a Print Without Damaging the T-shirt?

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How to Remove a Print Without Damaging the T-shirt?

I can honestly say I never expected this question…Who knew?

This is not a very common problem faced by many people and I can honestly say that nobody has ever asked before how to do it. Removing a print from a t-shirt can be tricky. If you use the wrong technique, you can cause your t-shirt to stretch or shrink, which will distort or crease the print. No matter how hard you try to remove the print, this can be a very disappointing result for you.

Now, when trying to remove the print by any technique make sure you know which printing method was used on the shirt. There are plenty of Printing methods such as: Screen Printing, Direct to Garment Printing, Custom Sublimation Printing, etc. If the process used to make the print is vinyl transfer, it is possible to apply acetone (nail polish remover) with a cotton swab to the print and then tweeze the print off. The process would be laborious and probably not worth most people’s time, but technically possible. The base color of the t-shirt is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind during the removal process. 

Normally it is suggested to avoid experimentation to remove the print of the t-shirt if it’s expensive. Still, if you want to remove it you can put a piece of butter paper above the print and put a fabric over it and apply a heat press for a few minutes. In this way you can remove the print from the t-shirt.

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