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How To Make The Print On Customized T-shirts Online Last Longer

Getting customized t-shirts online with your own print is surely an amazing idea. You can wear them as a form of self-expression, give them as gifts, or use it as a workplace uniform. But, everything is fun and  easy until you have to deal with low-quality prints that fade in color and become stiff after a few washes.

Making customized t-shirts last longer seems like an easy task but it’s not true at all.  If you do not know the proper ways to take care of it, the print will easily fade or even crack.

But, how can you make them last longer? In this article,  you will learn some tips about making customized t-shirts online last longer. We will also discuss the reasons why it happens to give you more ideas on ways to take care of your shirt print.

Why Does the Print On Shirt Customized T-shirts Online Crack?

There are various reasons as to why the print on customized t-shirt print may crack. Whether it is made of high quality materials or not, improper handling that may damage your print in the long run. Here are some of the factors that you need to watch out for:

Printing Method and Quality

Printing is the first thing you should think about when it comes to customized t-shirts. Remember that not all printing methods can last long depending on the quality of ink and the brand  or materials used. 

So before you make customized t-shirts online for your next event, check which ones are durable. It is also ideal if they offer money back guarantee on printed items.

Cheap vinyl  customized t-shirts may not last longer than other methods as they tend to have weak adhesive and poor material. In the end, this may cause the prints to easily peel. It can also happen if the silkscreen printing materials and method is improper and uses low quality products.

Washing Method

Do you wash customized t-shirts in the machine? If yes, then you should know that improper washing method can damage customized t-shirt print. The hard water, the fabric softener and other ingredients present in laundry detergents can ruin your shirt prints too. That is why experts say that washing machines should be avoided as much as possible. This is especially for printed items like customized t-shirts.

Ironing the Customized T-Shirt Online

Did you know that customized t-shirts can be damaged if ironed too much?

You may also damage customized t-shirt print if the customized shirt is dried in a dryer or placed on a hanger for long periods of time.

Inadequate drying and curing of prints

The customized t-shirt material must be cured through the process of drying after being printed. This will help to avoid discoloration and peeling of your customized t-shirt print due to bad adhesion. However, if there is not enough drying and curing time, this may cause weaker prints that may crack or peel over time.

customized t-shirts online

Sun Exposure

Exposing customized t-shirts to the sun for prolonged periods of time, can cause customized t-shirt print to crack. This is even if you just place them on hanger. Why? Because too much UV exposure causes customized t-shirt ink to fade and lose its vibrancy over time.

Delicate customized t-shirts material

Remember that not all customized t-shirt materials are made equal. Some may require delicate handling or shirt care rituals like washing it separately from other clothes. You should do this especially if you only wear them during special occasions. Always read the printed items care instructions prior to making customized t-shirts online.

What Can Be Done To Make T-Shirts Last Longer?

Now that you know the factors that may affect the lifespan of customized t-shirt print,  it is time to find out how you can avoid those factors. Here are some of the print care methods that you can do to make your shirt print last longer.

Turn The Shirt Inside Out When Washing

It is a good idea to turn a customized t-shirt inside out when washing. This will help you to preserve customized t-shirt print and avoid damaging or fading it due to the detergents and fabric conditioners used. It will also protect the print of your shirt from other items that may cause discoloration. It includes items such as bras with metal straps or other customized printed clothing.

Avoid Using Washing Machine 

In most prints, washing should be avoided as it may cause customized t-shirts to fade. That is why if possible, you should not use a machine washer or dryer. When drying shirts with larger prints in the machine dryer, make sure to use a low heat setting for a short period of time. You can even place it between bed sheets or inside a pillow case before placing it in the machine dryer just to preserve customized print from being damaged by heat exposure.

Use Cold Water When Washing

When customized t-shirts come into contact with warm water, it can affect the print by causing them to fade and lose their vibrancy over time. That is why experts say that cold water should be used for shirt care especially if fragile printed materials like silk screen made customized t shirts online are used.

Skip Using Bleach

Bleach is not a friend of customized t-shirts because it easily fades out colors over time. Even if you want to brighten up the black t-shirt, try using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach because this chemical is safe for clothing materials. However, excessive use of hydrogen peroxide will damage fabrics too so rinse it thoroughly before drying your printed shirt.

washing prints

Do Not Machine Dry

Machine drying is not good for any prints because it pulls its fibers too much that can lead to wear and tear. If you want your customized t-shirt print to last longer, air dry them by hanging them naturally without exposing them under direct sunlight.

Soak Customized T-Shirts in Salt Water When Removing Stains

Salt water is an amazing homemade solution for customized t-shirts with tough stains like juice, oil ,or blood spatters. This works like magic because salt attracts all the dirt particles leaving no residue on your t-shirt fabric and print thus keeping the colors intact. You only need to soak them overnight in a large bowl of salt water and launder them the next day.

Store Them Properly

In order to make the prints of your customized t-shirts online last longer, you have to store them properly so you can avoid wrinkles. If your shirt is still wet, you can use hangers or wooden rods with clothespins. This can help it dry up naturally. You also need to keep customized t-shirts away from direct sunlight. Make sure to maintain its original shape by starching it when necessary. 

If customized t-shirts are stored improperly, the fabric will become rough and stiff and the prints will easily peel off, crack, and fade.

Avoid Hot Places When Wearing Customized T Shirts Online   

As I mentioned earlier, customized t-shirts should be air dried before storing them but this does not mean you can leave them in the sun. The intense heat of direct sunlight causes shirt prints to fade out very fast thus resulting in unattractive and low-quality prints.

Never Iron Prints Directly

Never attempt to iron customized t-shirts directly because the heat of the iron will make customized print on your shirt melt and transfer them to other customized printed clothing you own. To avoid this, place a cotton cloth or garment bag in between customized shirts before ironing them.

Prevent Colors From Running When Washing Them

To prevent colors from running when washing customized t-shirts online, never soak these items for too long. Also, do not use bleach by any means because it fades customized t-shirt designs . Use mild cleansers specifically made for colored clothes only and rinse thoroughly after washing so you won’t notice any remaining detergent in it.

customized t-shirts online


There are various factors that may affect the lifespan of customized t-shirts and it is best to avoid them. However, there are also some things that you can do to make your shirt print last longer through proper care and handling. You only need to make shirt care a habit and prevent any mishap from happening.

However, if you want to ensure the durability of your print, it is ideal to find the best printing shop that can do the job well. This can help you avoid cheap prints with proper curing and drying methods. At Dad’s Printing,  we can give your customized t-shirts online a longer lifespan by using high-quality materials and advanced printing technology. We have been in the business for years now so you can rely on our expertise.

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