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How to Do Sublimation Printing on Dark Shirts

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Doing dye sublimation printing on dark shirts is different than doing it on light shirts. The colors have to be different, as well as the material of the shirt. It’s usually a bad idea to sublimate on colored shirts, because the ink may bleed into the base fabric. If you’re not careful, the ink will not transfer properly in colored shirts. The darker the shirt, the more difficult it will be to see the design in the sublimation process.

If you want to do custom shirt printing, first consider what color will work best with the design. In the case of all over dye-sublimation, the best shirt color to start with is white. The reason is that the image is printed all over the shirt. For the purposes of sublimation printing, if you want a multi-colored design, you would start with a white shirt. Then, add those colors all over the shirt. Basically, the result for the end user would be a dark colored shirt, with the important caveat that they would be able to see the design clearly.

If your marketing plan was to customize colored t-shirts and hoodies and get them custom sublimated. You would need to ensure the design would still be visible (so the design will stand out). Also, you would need to consider the placement of your logo on those garments. And the large images you created are not too light otherwise the shirt won’t saturate properly the darkness of the ink (so a dark blue design would still be visible on light blue custom all over print hoodies, for instance).

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