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Personalized Fleece Blanket

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How To Create Personalized Fleece Blanket For Christmas

Being able to make a felt blanket isn’t an easy task. Hence, a personalized fleece blanket is even more difficult. However, if you know how to personalize your customized fleece blanket, this Christmas season will be the most memorable one ever. How? The mission is accomplished with a simple fleece blanket, your creative juices, and a great printing partner by your side.

Below, I have described some unique ideas on how to get your first ever and memorable personalized fleece blanket for this year’s special season. You do not have to be stressed out thinking about what points to consider in achieving your best fleece blanket. Dad’s Printing got you with this!

Why is a Personalized Fleece Blanket the Best Gift for Christmas?

Have you thought of the best gift you want to give to your loved ones this Christmas? Well, who would be disappointed upon accepting a personalized fleece blanket? Here are some of the reasons why purchasing a personalized fleece blanket is the best gift.

It Can Provide Extra Warmth And Comfort.  

With its unique designs created by you, your loved ones can nestle a throw blanket from your personalized fleece blanket gift given to them. They can use it anywhere they want, like when they watch television, coverage and extra protection even if you do your errands inside and outside your home.  

The cloth from your personalized fleece blanket can also cover your couches at home, chairs, and beds for the safety of babies and kids. You can also put it on a wall to protect you against the rays of sunshine in the morning. 

The Versatile Item For Almost Any Outfit.  

For sure, the receiver of your personalized fleece blanket will love it, especially this upcoming winter season. Aside from the fact that it will keep them warm from the winter weather, a personalized fleece blanket can also match any outfit if you wish to get not just a comforting sweater but could pass the fashion vibe check. 

Besides, sweaters from your personalized fleece blanket are good for your skin as it is gentle and cover your body with the warmth you need, especially when you want to enjoy your own company in the comfort of your home. 

personalized fleece blanket

Shield Against The Heat And Dust.

Your personalized fleece blanket gift can save a life too! While sunlight provides health benefits, too much exposure to the sun’s rays can also lead to the development of skin damages and diseases. And with that, you can prevent it from coming. You ask, how? It is possible by turning your customized fleece blanket into a jacket. 

Anyone can turn their personalized fleece blanket into something purposeful, including coats and jackets. It will help their body trap the heat and keep them safe and warm. A fleece blanket can help them keep enough heat to protect them against the cold weather too. 

Another Fashion Statement Option. 

Your personalized fleece blanket can be used as a hat. Best to use when you want to initiate a Christmas camping with your family and loved ones somewhere out of town and away from the city. It may serve as your protective gear in almost any weather condition. 

Aside from protective functions, your personalized fleece blanket can also slay an outfit, especially during ceremonial and memorable occasions like graduation, religious activities, and a fashion accessory to match your outfit of the day. 

The More Coverage, The Better. 

If you are planning to think of a gift for your babies, a personalized fleece blanket is a good choice to go. For babies, it can be used as mittens or gloves. It is most likely to use as children’s clothing and comfort. This can protect their body from possible dust and dirt that you may not be able to notice. It makes their hands trapped with the heat needed, especially during these winter times. They can wear it in warm weather as well. 

A personalized fleece blanket can cover almost every part of your body, and that’s a good thing. If you want to cover up and snuggle on your couch or bed that makes you comfortable, you can do whatever you want with it. Feel free to explore and get everything guarded and covered!

What Are The Best Designs To Choose For When Personalizing Blankets?

Now that you are unto the next stop, you need to think of the best designs for your personalized blankets. To help you not to waste your time browsing and searching for the best designs to go with, here are the recommendations that we suggest in picking a lit design for your customized blankets in the making.

personalized fleece blanket

Fruit Shapes

Sounds cute, right? You may want to place fruit shapes instead of giving the plain ones as your gift. You may also consider and ask the recipient of your gift secretly or in one way or another their favorite fruit. In that way, you will be able to come up with the best and favorable design that your gift receiver will surely love. 

Aside from the desired fruit themes, you can also suggest any shape you want to print in your personalized blankets. May it shape such as round, conic, oblate, oblique, oblong, and heart to express your love and care for them. 


If the receiver of the gift has an artistic side, you can put their artwork pieces on your simple present personalized blanket. This can remind them that you remembered their creative art form. 

They will surely love and inspire them to do more. Who knows, they could be the modern version of Van Gogh next online. 

Placing a comic strip on a personalized blanket is also a good design. Art gives them joy and helps to relieve stress. Maybe they will receive more than just the warmth brought by your personalized blankets but also the will to live and continue doing what they love. 

 Statements/Quote of the Day

On the other hand, if they are bookworms or quote fanatics, you must try indicating statements they mostly use or believe in your personalized blankets. For sure, they will never forget what you gave them.

Statements on blankets are becoming a rising trend too. Starting from shirts, pillowcases and now possible for personalized blankets. Still fashionable even when sleeping because why not?

Favorite Pet Faces

Others may not fully understand how it would be nice to have your adored pet on blankets. This is especially if the receiver of the gift has a big heart and empathy for pets. Pet lovers will love to receive a gift that will help them see their favorite pet faces printed on a customized fleece blanket. 

While plain colors and designs seem popular, pet faces on blankets can be aligned as a choice in their gift options. Personalized pet faces on a blanket are functional to use over time. It can also be meaningful and thoughtful gift that you won’t see just anywhere. Why? Because it’s personalized!

What Are the Printing Methods That Works for a Personalized Fleece Blanket?

Few notes and you are good to go! Now that you have an eye-catching design for your personalized fleece blanket as a gift, it is essential to set out the best printing methods that 100% guarantee the quality application and durability of the blankets. Here are the printing techniques you might want to consider to achieve your desired customized blankets. 

Printing Method #1: Jacquard Printing

This printing method enables you to have a sophisticated and basic method to print your desired pattern and design. Although it is the oldest printing technique in making customized blankets, it shows off luxurious and colored prints for personalized socks you aim for.

personalized fleece blanket

Printing Method #2: Dye-Sub Printing

With the rise of modern technology, here goes the digital printing technology that makes the printing process a lot easier and accessible anytime. This method needs a specialized printer for specific sublimation inks to print the designs on the blanket.

Printing Method #3: Large-Scale Printing 

This is the most typical printing technique that printing personnel use for personalization. The large-scale printing is like the usual screen printing but instead uses a huge screen that covers the whole size of the blanket. It can be used in any length and shape of the blanket if you wish to have a bigger one.

Aside from that, you have all the freedom and options to pick patterns and preferred designs. It complements the quality and finishes you desire to witness on your personalized blanket gift.

Dad’s Printing Is Here To Help!

It seems like you are now excited to try a new gift idea we have suggested. To help you achieve your desired personalized fleece blanket worth gift-giving, Dad’s Printing will help you. With us, you can obtain that one-of-a-kind and unique personalized blanket wrapped with love and greetings for Christmas. Visit our website or Contact us at Dad’s Printing. 

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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