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How Can You Make Personalized Embroidery Notebooks?

Have you ever encountered the war against the promotional items that are being forgotten? Personalized embroidery notebooks are one of the best ideas that you can give to clients or customers to make unforgettable memories for them. The hardest part in creating these notebooks is finding a reliable manufacturer for this. To make sure you are not wasting your time and energy, I suggest you read this blog.

Prep for Your Personalized Embroidery Notebooks

Before you get your reward, you have to take the step-by-step process of making your personalized embroidery notebooks on hand. And this won’t require a lot of effort if you will be able to bring up the materials needed to fulfill a rewarding and another achievement about to get unlocked. 

Step 1: Sketch Out the Look. 

Planning is the first and foremost part to make your personalized embroidery notebook come true. You have to think and visualize what your customized embroidery would look like. Do you want it like what you see in the market, or do you want to add a little bit of spice different from the others? It is your call to know what your personalized embroidery notes should be. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Art and Craft Materials.

After sketching out the look, it is now time to prepare your art and craft materials. This includes the type of papers, yarns, length, and other measurements of your personalized embroidery notebook. Do you want it to be a mini or pocket-sized note or just a regular notebook you can put inside your bag? Distinguish the perfect art and craft tools that will meet your expectations and satisfaction. 

Step 3: Select a Good and Unique Theme.

While it is okay to prefer the simple and plain ones, it is way good to go too with a unique style. You better select a good and unique theme for your first and not the last purchase of a personalized embroidery notebook. Something that will keep you from wanting to have it over and over again. Who knows, maybe you will get to recruit another group of literature and letter lovers to get their own too. 

Step 4: Pick a Great Color Palette.

Remember that aside from a one-of-a-kind style, you can also pick a great color palette on your personalized embroidery notebook. If you want to go plain but will add a bunch of designs to fill the emptiness of your note, why not? However, if you want to make it colorful and festive, we are sure there will be no problem concerning that matter. You just have to be wise to follow the final step below to achieve your personalized embroidery notebooks. 

personalized embroidery notebook

Step 5: Look for a Reliable Printing Partner.

So, this sounds like the last step to get your personalized embroidery notebooks done. There is no doubt you can get it anytime you want it as everything is possible. This is as long as you put your trust in a recommended printing shop at all times. Choosing a printing partner will be your final and essential decision to make. 

Most Suggested Designs for Prep for Your Personalized Embroidery Notebooks

After knowing the process, this is now the stage where you have to think outside the box that will highlight your creativity in the making of your personalized embroidered notebooks. If you want a plain one, there’s no one stopping you from pursuing it, but if you want to add some touches and creativity, here are the following designs you can rely on in your personalized embroidered notebooks. 

Stitched Flowers

One of the easiest designs that you can get is the lovely personalized flowers. As observed, this has been a popular design even in other embroidered materials such as face masks, socks, sweatshirts, hats, and fleece blankets. I bet you will agree that this has been the most basic and simplest way to decorate your personalized embroidery notebooks. There is no particular pattern and standard in making flowers as your design, as embroidery strokes and the quality of your printing shop partner is what matters. 


If you want to personalize your notebook or planner, then you will need a wide variety of patches. You can easily find a large selection of patches at a craft store, and you can even find larger patches at a sporting goods store. The purpose of a patch is to help you personalize your notebook or planner. It makes them special, and it makes them meaningful.

Transferring the patch to your notebook is not as simple as it sounds. The first thing you want to do is figure out where you are going to place the patch on your notebook. Make sure it will be easy to remove later if you choose to replace it with another patch down the road.

Statements or Quotes

Aside from stickers, Dad’s Printing can help you print out your favorite quotations and sayings as your design for your personalized embroidered notebook. Quotes that remind and motivate you to write down what happened to your day and even on your special days. You may suggest putting your statements too. Let other people be inspired by your viewpoints and you will get to see that they will do the same inspirational move just like what you did. 

personalized embroidery notebook

Your Idols

Everyone has their idols or someone who you look up to. It’s either because of their personalities, outlook in life, or the moment you decide to admire them just for being who they are. As time flies, you are eager to keep them within you through investing money in buying tickets to their concerts, purchasing products that have their face on it, and merchandise. But you can do it too without spending a lot of money through customizing embroidery notebooks. You can put your old tickets, photos with them, and signatures as your design in your personalized journal. 

Random Items

In designing your personalized embroidered notebook, you may also choose items that can be found in your home. A button from your unused blouse, yarns, beads, pieces of jewelry, and many more. For as long as your printing partner agrees with your plans, you can put anything that you want in your personalized embroidered notebooks. Make sure to compile them in a container for your printing shop partner to be able to place them in your soon-to-launched customized notepad. 

Where Else Can Your Receivers Use It?

If you are thinking of getting a personalized embroidery notebook is worth it, the answer is yes. It will not go to waste and will provide you long-term benefits even for personal and professional purposes. Here’s a summary of where else can your receivers can use your personalized embroidery notebooks.

You Can Use It as a Daily Journal.

If you love to write your realization and learning each day, you can use your personalized embroidery notebook to keep a record of your daily devotions in life. And whenever you feel down and fail to carry on, reading your past breakthroughs will help you start over again. 

Maybe you failed to write down a fulfilling achievement on a single day, it does not matter. Read your past experiences and how you conquered the struggles back then. This time you are not writing from scratch but an experience. Get up and get a personalized embroidery notebook to put down.

It Can Be Your To-Do List Notes.

We all need something that will make us remind of what to do within the day. Getting a personalized embroidery notebook will not just notify you of your workloads and task but will motivate you to do so. Beating the deadlines is scary, and you would not want to be frightened by unexpected tasks that will be given to you as you failed to include them on your note. Let Dad’s Printing help you organize it for you through a personalized embroidery notebook that will serve as your to-do list journal. 

It Serves as a Memory Keeper.

If you are a person who seems to be forgetful, this is for you! We understand your eagerness to keep and organize your thoughts. So to help you with your struggle to remember things that you should not forget, Dad’s printing can help you create personalized embroidery notebook. This will help you boost your memory and restore those special moments you want to remember for years. 

personalized embroidery notebook

Noting Reports for Meetings and Field Activities. 

Your personalized embroidery notebook could be your life-saver during your meetings and field reports. Chances of having unexpected meetings are possible and your kept embroidery note inside your bag or suitcase can help you jut down the minutes, agenda, and aspirations of your company during the meeting. 

For Academic Purposes. 

If you are still studying, a student or an educational instructor, you can use this as your class notebook. With your customized embroidery notebook, you can monitor the progress of your works and learnings in your chosen academic field. Giving you an affirmation that you are on the right track towards fulfilling academic excellence. 


You’ll need to establish an overall design to create an embroidered notebook. The design can be your name, the word you want, or something else. The design should be big enough so it can be visible when you embroider it onto your notebook. And also, this will give you a chance to think about what colors you want to use for your personalized notebook. Of course, there are other elements that you can include in your designs to make them even more appealing.

If you are looking for a great printing partner that will help you create the best quality embroidered products, Dad’s Printing is here to help. Check out our services in our website and contact us to know more.

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