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For Sublimation Printing, Which Fabric Is Suitable?

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For Sublimation Printing, Which Fabric Is Suitable?

Your company has decided to order branded t-shirts for your company’s team participating in the next Tough Mudder. You have been put in charge of choosing the style & design of said t-shirts from a customized t-shirts online service. You’ve put in the research and decided to go with an all over dye-sublimation printing service, as you feel this gives you more style options. Congratulations! Mission (almost) accomplished! But wait! What type of fabric do you choose…?

sublimation printing

Without a doubt, the best shirts for sublimation printing use a fabric that is at least 50% polyester (75-100% polyester will give you optimum vibrancy). Synthetic fibers are pretty much the standard in performance apparel these days. They are particularly hard-wearing, something you will want if you are competing in any extreme sport (I am pretty sure Tough Mudder, Spartan races, etc. qualify). The last thing you want is your choice of t-shirt to fall apart in the middle of the race – with your company’s name & logo in tatters! Not the message you want to send…

Disclaimer: Dad’s Printing makes no guarantees if your t-shirt gets ripped apart during any extreme sports such as, but not limited to: MMA, Obstacle races, anything sponsored by Mountain Dew, etc. (what are you thinking, you fool?)

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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