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10 Facts To Consider For Maintaining Digital Apparel Printing On Garments

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It is found by many of us that when we put our newly printed garments into the washing machine, it comes out all faded and looking completely different.

When garments are not taken care of in a proper manner, they tend to change in terms of their color and shape. But what will happen when you have digital apparel printing on garments?

The colors usually fade gradually and it takes time in this. It is usually after several washes that we find the prints to be completely changed and is not as colorful once bought.

We all want from the deepest of our desires to make sure that when we get digital apparel printing done, they should be able to last long enough as possible. So today, we are going to share some of the best-known tips to ensure that the prints on the garments last longer and remain vibrant and colorful like once bought.

We do make sure that the money which is spent on digital garment printing is well used and maintained. And these tips will help you a lot in doing so:

1. Turning your clothes inside out before inserting them in the washing machine

This way greater protection will be provided to the garments and they also make sure that they do not come in contact with the other garments and t-shirts which are there in the machine. This will ensure that the printed t-shirts are much more durable and long-lasting as this is an easy and most effective step to follow.

You can also try this technique for your jeans besides t-shirts as this would prevent its color to fade and also help in retaining the original fresh color tone.

2. Washing your t-shirt in cold water

When you have your fabric printing Vancouver done, you need not think of color fading or anything else. But it is good to follow these effective tips for ensuring much more durable garments.

Cold water is always the best option than hot or warm water when it comes to washing your t-shirts. You need not to wash your tees in hot water as cold water will do the necessary job.

3. Avoid bleaching or fabric softeners which cause greater harm to your clothes

When it comes to washing your t-shirts with regular detergents, they will be enough to do the job. The prints on a shirt like that of the vinyl prints which is typically done by heat transfer printing, the use of bleach or strong detergents like softeners will be enough to damage the prints. To take care of your printed shirts, it is good to go for the milder detergents.

4. Printed t-shirts should not be ironed

Printed t-shirts should not be ironed directly. But, when ironing is a must lower the heat of the iron and turn the shirt inside out. When you continue to iron your shirts this will readily damage the prints on the shirts. This can cause the prints to peel off or come off.

5. Avoid the use of dryers

Dryers are effectively very terrible for t-shirts and their prints though they are the best choice when it comes to saving time. Heat is always bad for the prints and this is something which is known by most of us.

digital apparel printing

Making the t-shirts to crack or peel they also tend to shrink the garments as well as damage them badly. When you want to dry your clothes, it is best to go with the traditional way of drying them out under the sun.

6. Washing similar clothes together

It is recommended that similar clothes should all be washed together. Do not mix white color with other colored tees. Also, avoid washing harsher fabrics such as that of jeans with printed t-shirts. When rubbed with the softer fabric or prints while washing, the harsher fabrics like denim may cause the prints to come off.

7. Going for the stretch washes

Stretch washing the clothes is the best way to save water and to maintain the quality of direct to garment printing. Avoid washing clothes after each time of wearing them.

To avoid the stinky smell of your clothes let them air out. You can give your garments a bit of space to breathe prior placing them in a drawer or in the closet. You can also spray them with Febreze mix.

8. Maintaining delicacy with delicate garments

As there is a greater risk for shrinking, tearing, stretching, and deteriorating, with intense agitation or hot temperatures, certain materials like lace, silk, nylon, and not to mention undergarments needs a lot of special attention and care. Always wash them with mild detergent following with air drying for delicates like hosiery, lingerie, silk scarves, and socks.

9. Proper storage of your printed garments

Not all should be hanged and neither everything should be folded nor you need to follow some rules here:

  • When you need to fold your garments go for the knit and stretchy materials.
  • Supportive hangers should be used for dress clothes.
  • Allow enough room for the clothes to breath and never stuff the clothes in closets or drawers.
  • You need to make sure that the place where you are storing them is dry and rewash any clothes which smell of mildew.

digital apparel printing

10. Separating them according to colors

It is important to separate the garments according to colors because of the following reasons:

  • It reduces color bleeding.
  • It keeps black and white from turning to grey.
  • For the blues and reds, this is of absolute importance.

To keep your clothes at the finest of the condition, proper care instructions are a lot more essential. When you are ready and prepared enough to take proper care of your clothes then only go ahead of investing in them.

It is the worst of its kind to purchase something which would turn out to be a complete mess after a single wash. So, all you need to do is to follow these tips to ensure greater durability and longer-lasting of your garments.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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