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Outstanding Value & Prices with Minimums as Low as 12 Pieces!

We provide the lowest minimums of any Toronto printing company when it comes to Custom Embroidery & Patches in Nova Scotia, along with the best combination of quality and price. The minimum wholesale quantity is merely twelve units.

Custom Embroidery Canada

What Is Embroidery?

The most widely used method of personalization in the apparel business is embroidery. It is, after all, the most sumptuous type of décor, since nothing says luxury quite like a hand-sewn, handmade item. Upon receiving requests for embroidery, we know our customers take personalization seriously. Since Dad’s Printing provides the best quality, we know that clients want it.

Why Choose Dad's Printing for Custom Embroidery & Patches?

Fast, flexible, and affordably priced. Dad’s Printing is here to provide you with the best embroidery service available in Vancouver, at the most affordable price, as quickly as possible.
  • Able to print on any item of clothing, such as a sweater, patches, or headgear
  • Provides advice and services for digitization.
  • Available for design, packaging, and fulfillment
  • capable to provide proofs and printed samples
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About Dads Printing

A Wealth of Experience & Service in Apparel Production, Decoration and Promotional Products

Our team at Dads Printing is committed to ensuring a smooth Canadian Apparel production process for you, regardless of the product or print. We have extensive knowledge in Quality Control, Apparel Production, and global warehousing and transportation, allowing us to provide top-notch service.

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