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Get your custom made clothing today and change the way you look with eco-friendly materials. Each garment is designed by you or our in-house designers and tailored for your customers’ various body types.

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Eco-Friendly Custom Clothing

Why is Eco-Friendly Clothing Trending?

The demand for Custom Eco-Friendly Clothing is growing and we are here to help you explore the benefits of this new trend in custom clothing.

What is Eco-Friendly Clothing? Eco-Friendly options are any garments that uses less polluting materials (such as dyes, dying processes, sustainable materials, less water in production, etc.).

Given the need to protect our planet’s environment, it only makes sense that we turn to more sustainable options. We know how many species are on the brink of extinction but what about our own species? Our customers influence us into making decisions on a daily basis about what we buy. In order to make sound choices in regards to your regular every day garments, always think Dad’s Printing as you Sustainable partner. Sustainability is about doing more with less in order to have lasting value. You can be fashionable and sustainable at the same time!

Why Choose Dad's Printing?

Dad’s Printing offers a wide selection of low cost and eco-friendly options with sustainability custom clothing. Materials are from Fair Trade Organic Cotton and other sustainable materials.

We aim to utilize materials like recycled fabrics. These eco-friendly materials requires lesser to zero chemical treatment, less energy, less water, and not even fertilizers and pesticides to grow. 

The main goals are Sustainability, which has a lasting value, plus affordability and of course ensuring it’s still fashionable!

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