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Design Your Own Water Bottle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wanted to design your own water bottle? If so, this guide is for you. Water bottles are affordable, easy to hold, and available in many colors. They are also great ways to advertise your brand or company. You can get one for free by winning competitions or even buying them out of the school store. What’s not to love about water bottles? The purpose of this post is to help you create your own unique water bottle using personalized labels and designs.

Do you want to design and customize your own water bottle? In this step-by-step guide, I’ll be walking you through the process of creating a customized water bottle from start to finish.

Five Easy Steps to Design Your Own Water Bottle

Knowing the importance of water to our life is important as a responsible person, but this is not enough. For sustainability, is best to have your own water bottle that will help preserve water and prevent trashes. And if you want, there are a lot of ways to make and design your own water bottle brand with just simple and quick steps.

We used to know that when it is printing, it is just all about fabrics and clothing lines inclined. But, did you know that you can design your bottles through the printing process too. To help you come up with great designs, here are the five steps that you should follow.

Step 1: Pick a perfect shape and material when you design your own water bottle. 

At the back of your mind, you may think that bottles are no different from any bottles you have seen in the market. But, do you know that water bottles comes in different size, shapes, and styles? Knowing which one is perfect for specific purposes is important when designing a water bottle. For example, bottles for physical activities like hiking and sports needs to offer more grip on your water bottle.

Aside from that, the material you will also play a great role to design your own water bottle. There are bottles that offers insulation to keep a certain temperature for longer time. Meanwhile, materials like plastics are best for convenience and being light.

Step 2: Measure the length and capacity.

Aside from shapes and figures, you may also want to consider measuring the length and capacity of your designed water bottles. Determine whether your customers would love a small one that is convenient to carry and placed on their bag, or you may prefer the large ones for sporty individuals and water lovers. The small ones are best for those who have quick errands to do. On the other hand, the large scale of designed water bottles is mainly used by athletes, hikers, and cyclists for their outdoor activities. 

design your own water bottle

Step 3: Visualize when you design your own water bottle.

Now that you have decided your shapes and lengths, it is about time to contemplate a unique and approaching design—approaching enough to encourage others to design their water bottles like yours. In that way, you did not only engage them to bring out their artistic side, but you have also offered a hand to the environmental advocates to lessen the production of plastic bottles, turning them into recyclable ones. 

On Point Styles to Design Your Own Water Bottles

Aside from a step-by-step process, we will deliver an on-point set of ideas to design your water bottles. This can help you come up with a stylish design that can be both looks aesthetic and functional depending on its specialized creation. You can even use them effectively for promotions and advertisements too.

Nature-friendly water bottles

Let us start with preferring a simple design to your water bottles. As most say, simplicity is beauty, and this beauty can add a more meaningful one as you are concerned about nature’s sake. This can be the best and most approved idea if you want to design your water bottles. This does not only portray your creativity and heartfelt security move for the environment, but you can gain positive public relations to the customers, future investors, and clients as well.  

Heat defying water bottles

These are good for those fond of any type of drinks who want to keep their drinks either remain heated or cold for a long period. You can bring it too anywhere you will go. With its gel packs, thick insulation, and walls to protect your drinks, nothing is possible from keeping your stomach from experiencing unwanted cramps brought by too much exposure from high and cold temperature areas. 

Festive Graphic bottles

If your family is a fan of going outside, having quick getaways and trips, this one is for you. Designing your water bottles in a festive and fun way could be beneficial in a way that this will go noticeable if you seem to have a hard time finding it, and bring it immediately when you go out. You can use your old bottles and refashion them with printed stickers. Aside from being eye-catching, this can also be your way to express your personality to your loved ones for them to get to know you more. 

Fashion bottles

People love to show off who they are. From the moment they live, pick their clothes and dress it, it says it all. And just like clothing, designing your water bottles more fashionably could pave the way for you to discover your style or sense in fashion. Don’t be shy to express your style. Who knows, maybe you will inspire a lot of people to design their water bottles that deserve to be on a runway too. 

design your own water bottle

Fitness bottles

This suits best for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who spend boosting their strength in gyms and outdoor events. You need water to restore and refresh your muscles before and after doing your exercise routines and lapses. If you or your target people are often in the gym, it is ideal to design your own water bottle that offers uniqueness. You can customize it by placing your name on it and other noticeable designs. 

Filtered water bottles

Knowing that water is an essence in life, you should prioritize its safety and cleanliness. Having your filtered water bottle can serve as a shield and aid against getting bacteria and health hazards that cannot be easily seen when you drink. These are mostly placed inside of your water bottles. So, filters really play a great role when you design your own water bottle.

Multi-purpose bottles

Water bottles are known as a container to hold water and other beverages. But aside from a water bottle that allows us to drink and transport liquids from one place to another, this can serve in many ways, such as designing your water bottles to have a mini compartment for food under and making it as a shoulder bag, ready to drink water bottle on hand. This could be made out of plastic, lightweight glass, and metal if you wish to. 

Foldable bottles

This could be the next great thing made possible if you design your water bottles. Foldable bottles are for everyone who cannot carry water bottles in hand. With foldable bottles, there is no need to bring them on hand and be bothered by how heavy it gets when you carry them outside. It is as easy as folding your papers inside a bag where you can get water along the way if there are any available water resources around. 

Health drink bottles

If the Doctor has recommended you to drink and keep your body healthy, this could help you monitor your health. You may request to print labels and measurements of consumption if you wish to design your water bottles. Health drink bottles are transparent where you can see the liquid inside clearly. 

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

On the other hand, if you are fond of fruit shakes and lemonades, you may prefer designing your water bottles as fruit infuser bottles. This is almost similar to the filtered water bottles we have mentioned earlier that helps you filter elements preventing you from possible health hazards. 

Step 4: Make sure it is environmental-friendly.                         

Of course, we would not let the Earth suffocate from having bombarded with plastic bottles around. Having your water bottles designed may have a minimal amount of impact on nature, but it is still an action. Remember, it is always the little things that matter and that make a difference to the world. Who knows, if you plan to have your design your water bottles advocacy, it could lead the youth and people to start replicating your idea to conserve and reuse their water bottles by designing their own too. 

design your own water bottle

Step 5: Choose your printing partner wisely to design your own water bottle!

Fulfilling to read the following steps, indeed! Now, for this portion, you need to apply and execute those steps with the help of the best printing partner. You cannot do it alone, especially if you want to engage and motivate others to design their bottles, too! The larger the target audience, the better. 

As you pick a suitable shape, figures, applicable designs, and life-saving hack for Mother earth, you should also be wise when it comes to choosing your printing partner wisely. As you aim not only to achieve your target but to gain an impression with its good quality.

The Final Step

Aside from the steps that have been mentioned above, designing your water bottles can provide you with countless benefits, such as having convenient on-the-go hydration armor and water bottles for emergencies. If you want to secure and seal your safety by designing your water bottles, we could help you with that matter. Contact us for more details at Dad’s Printing website. We look forward to meeting you!

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