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Customized Dog Socks

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Have you ever had an experience of missing your pets while you are away from home? It may be because you are on your work, formal events, or even in shopping areas that don’t allow pets. And here you are, thinking about the best way possible to be with your bestfriend wherever you are. The best solution: customized dog socks.

With that in mind, we give you what your heart desires. You may now experience and feel the presence of your beloved fur babies through refashioned customized dog socks. Aside from browsing photos of your baby, you may be able to see them in your customized dog socks. You can feel their presence at all times.

To help you build more connection with your pet, here are some customized dog printing socks advises that you need to jot down. Take note of these and you’ll surely get the best results for your personalization project.

The Right Fabric for Your Customized Dog Socks

For sure, you want to make every detail in the customized dog socks exactly fit on you and display the prints and designs of a dog, right? To make sure that you get the best of it, it is important to have the most durable and comfortable fabric for your personalized sock. And with that, here are the appropriate fabrics that can be laid on knitting your desired design for customized dog socks. 

  1. Cotton. Wanting to feel a high level of security, you may want to consider natural fabrics such as this to blend with the soft and thick underfur warmth finish in your customized dog socks. 
  2. Combed Cotton. It is known as wearable fabric. Your customized dog socks can be established from straight cotton fibers that make the fabric much stronger and softer than ever, claiming to have a durable texture and a recommended outdoor fabric to use. 
  3. Mercerized Cotton. A way too natural fiber and environment-friendly fabric which is used and can be recyclable in different ways. It is aesthetically appealing where you would always want to look towards wearing it almost every day. 
  4. Bamboo. You may find this type of fabric anywhere and widely used for making socks, and that is another point to include on your notes when considering keeping your skin comfortable at all times. But wait, there’s more, as it also provides protection against bacteria and fights off odors. 
  5. Modal. The fibers of the said fabrics are known for their finesse and delicate soft garments knitted, making your feet warm and experiencing the feeling of being surrounded by the presence of your fur baby through the customized dog socks.
Customized Dog Socks

Different Styles for Customized Dog Socks 

There are different styles of socks that could help you match your outfits along with your mood and simple getaways that could flaunt your spectacular fashion sense. We got you covered! We present to you the different styles that will help you choose the type of customized dog socks that compliments any outfits. Moreover, this can even help you when looking for the best design that will match your recipient. So let’s get into it!

Anti-Slip Fun Socks

This is a set of stylish striped styles or a pair engraved with cute patches that you may want to add and features security towards your ankles.

Crew Length Socks

This is one of the most common sock style that you’ll see in the market. From professionals to fashionistas and students, this one is loved by a lot of people.

Non-Slip Socks

This provides the anti-slip guard and a waterproof feature. Moreover, it offers color varieties and styles that are perfect for on-point outfits worth wearing on repeat.

Knit Style Socks

If you want a style that will perfectly resemble your puppy’s soft and warm fur, having a knit style sock is ideal for you. it is a budget-friendly style of socks. 

Non-Skid Socks

This features more than 100% good quality of an item and offers multicolored and cool prints you may want to attach to your customized dog socks.

No-show Socks

There will be events and outfits where showing colorful socks may not be appropriate to wear printed dog socks. If you are tempted to wear them but do not want to show them off, these kinds of socks can help you achieve a stylish outfit. You can even use them when attending on informal and typical occasions. 

Customized Dog Socks

Mini-crew Socks

These are ankle socks that scope an inch or above the surface of your ankle. The fun side about socks such as this is that you can wear them anywhere and whenever you feel like it. 

Trouser Socks

It perfectly suits with boots, your favorite sneakers and retro shoes that give you a throwback but with a touch of modern print vibes aura once worn. It was way popular back in the day, and these are the ideal socks that match your attire. 

Knee-high Socks

This style of socks is a popular choice for customers who love to achieve a warm and fancy look. Knee-high socks suit all boots, skirts, and shorts. Moreover, some sports team also uses this as compressions socks.

Over-the-knee socks

Aside from the knee-high socks, it is another one for the book to put this famous sock-style in your socks collection. It is also the best partner with any variety of boots. You may wear this kind of socks in winter and on sport events.

Best Printing Methods When Customizing Socks

There are other ways to create a perfect customized dog socks aside from having an eye-catching style. It is essential to set out the best printing methods that 100% guarantee the quality application and durability of the socks. 

When choosing the accurate printing methods, here are the potential printing techniques you might want to consider to achieve a head-turner customized dog socks and avoid a failed one. 

Printing Technique #1: Jacquard Printing

This technique enables you to have a sophisticated and basic method to print your desired pattern and design. Although it is the root and oldest method in making customized dog socks, it shows off luxurious and colored prints for personalized socks. This helps you aim for a comfortable socks that is still fashionable

Printing Technique #2: Dye Sublimation Printing

With the advent of technological advancements, here goes the digital printing technology that makes the printing process a lot easier and convenient. In dye sublimation, you will need a special printer for specific sublimation inks to print the designs on paper. You are now then ready to transfer the print on the latter part of the garment. 

Apart from the large-scale screen printing, the dye-sublimation printing method can replicate and mirror the complex designs and patterns without worrying about the demand for an increase in the price. Though it reproduces your designs easily, this requires a length of time compared to the huge printing design.

However, having the modern printing technique welcomes possibilities of cracked prints over time. Nonetheless, if you want to transfer the instant form of your dog’s paws as soon as possible, this computer-based printing technique is a solid method for printing socks. 

Customized Dog Socks

Printing Technique #3: 360-degree Printing

Almost identical to the dye-sub printing method, the 360-degree technique offers astounding details in your customized dog socks. The only difference is that they part ways in transferring the ink to the socks. It exhibits the visibility of designs and patterns. However, this method is only applicable for synthetic tools and put to good use of sublimation for good results.

For instance, 360-degree printing is one of the best choices on the list. This can help you visualize a 3-D display of your personalized dog socks. In this way, you can get a wholesome quality and an inch-perfect figure stamped in your socks without needing to spend much time and money to seek a best-buy and made-to-order cute dog socks. Indeed, a hassle-free method to make the creation of your dog socks dreams happen!

Printing Technique #4: Large-scale Printing

This is the most typical printing technique that printing personnel use for personalized socks and other garments. The large-scale printing is similar to the usual screen printing besides the fact that it uses a huge screen that wraps the whole size of the socks. You can use them on longer socks which proves its versatility.

Additionally, you have more freedom and choices to pick patterns and particular designs. It satisfies the quality and finishes you want to see in your purchased personalized dog socks. 

On the other hand, there is a limitation to the number of colors that you want as it requires each tone to have its screen resulting in a time-consuming and pricey process. .


Ready to add a sock obsession as a gift to your Christmas wish for this year? Go on! Write it down briefly and concisely on your notes. 

Have you taken all those points pretty well? After putting considerable effort into digging the applicable materials, styles, and printing techniques, you are now ready to check your list. Make sure to hop on the trending colors and patterns suitable for your fur babies at home.

Moreover, if you are looking for a customizing print shop, Dad’s Printing offers its affordable services to process the creation of your personalized dog socks. For inquiries, contact us here and check out our website for more information.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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