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Customizable VS Custom Promotional Products: What's the Difference?

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Customizable vs. Custom Promotional Products: What’s The Difference?

Custom promotional products are a great way for businesses to get their name out there. If you are in the business of marketing or advertising, you should know that promotional products are not actually equal. In fact, there are major differences between customizable and custom items that are critical to the success of your business.

Moreover, when trying to decide between promotional products and custom products, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. For example are cost effectiveness, budget and the goal or purpose of product. You can tailor to your marketing campaign if you consider important factors. This includes location of event, audience, seasonality and product’s appearance. These can all decide whether customizable or custom promotional products should take the top spot on the purchase list.

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What are Custom Promotional Products?

Custom is any goods built by a manufacturer or a company exclusively for the buyers through specific details and structures custom aim of the buyer. Meaning, it can be between the standard items of the company that you can transform into custom promotional products. In purchasing the order, the company has the right to include its logo and company names on the custom promotional products to fabricate.

For instance, it follows specific standards and formats, especially when it comes to custom promotional products following the demand of its buyers and partners. But the thing is that the manufacturer has a uniform policy of attaching or inclining their name and company to the promotional products that get custom.

As an order, the buyer will select a product owned by the company that they want to get custom. The best example is the custom promotional products that are effective in building links to the buyer’s target audience. After choosing the product offered by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will get your custom promotional products to work in progress. Finally, you will just have to pay for your purchase and wait for the delivery of your custom promotional products.

Now, What Are Customizable Products?

While Custom promotional products can be aligned with the manufacturers’ name and logo, customizable is different. This allows your receivers or customers to have more say on the design and specifications of their products. Meaning, the customers and buyers have the right to eliminate the idea of including the manufacturer’s identity.

Custom promotional products

Moreover, customizable promotional products depend on the particular needs and want of its customers and consumers. They follow the advise and suggestions of their buyers. They alter custom promotional products according to the specified details and recommendations. Manufacturers that offer customizable techniques and items most likely rely more upon the desire and wish of their customers.

It is where the customers decide whether they will incorporate the manufacturer’s name and logo or not. It is not possible to include the identity of the manufacturer for as long as the customers are willing to accept the idea. Only customers have the power to decide whether they will add more details about their customizable promotional products.

Similarities of Customizable and Custom Promotional Products

As you can see, there are so many factors stating that customizable and custom items have the same characteristics and functions. To add more of the factors that complement each other’s features, here are some of the similarities of custom and customizable items.

  1. Both depend upon the Customer’s request. 
  2. Built from a course of an action plan. 
  3. Highlights creativity and ideas of the clients. 
  4. Uniquely made and generated on their own.
  5. Supports innovation that welcomes new ventures. 

Differences of Customizable and Custom Promotional Products

Despite the similarities in between, they have different offers and deals when it comes to custom and customizable items, especially if the customers are keen to their target to promote their products independently. Here are the following differences that you may not notice existing in both techniques and processes. 

  1. Focused on the consumer’s demand.
  2. Meeting the expectations and standards provided by customers. 
  3. In customizable items, they strictly follow the command of their clients. 
  4. Customers have the right to decide on almost everything in a customizable method. 
  5. On the flip side, manufacturers can include their company’s identity and logo on custom products.

Items That Can Be Custom and Customizable


Socks are too cute not to imagine customizing them. It is effective to serve as your custom promotional products. Aside from the cute designs, you can put into it, you can also make this as a gift to your future business partners and investors. You can even put their company’s name and logo on your custom socks too. This could be a great purchase for a buyer if they want to invest in a promotional custom product without needing to spend a lot of money and time to consume in designing. 

Water Bottles

I bet you will agree that custom water bottles might be cool and generic custom promotional products you can do and sell on the market. This would not only help your company to promote your business but will encourage your consumers to engage themselves in an eco-friendly item and healthy lifestyle. It can be a great custom promotional material that is both useful and convenient.

Custom promotional products

Face Masks

Now that we are currently facing a global epidemic widespread, a face mask is a must. Getting face masks as your custom promotional product could help and prevent people from getting exposed to coronavirus disease. It can be an ideal gift for this upcoming Christmas season and on many more occasions and special events. You can even make this one extra special if you want a custom one. 

Tote Bags

Tote bags are on-demand these days, and including this in your custom promotional products can help you achieve your objectives to sell items instantly. Aside from incorporating it into fashion styles, it can be used as an alternative to shopping bags and plastic grocery bags in the market. You can pick whether you will add a zipper or leave it with a mini button to seal the things inside your bag. It takes just a short period to make it custom. I am sure you will be able to use it for years. 

Mouse Pad

Everything goes online, and I am sure that this one is essential and part of your life, especially if you are working and studying at home. The mouse pad can be used as a custom promotional product as it can help the users of the item to accomplish their tasks without having troubles experienced accessing their files in real-time.

Moreover, to give you background information, you can use a mousepad in placing and moving your computer mouse ordered online. Come to think of it, you can help your customers and clients of the product to make use of their mouse easily. It will provide them with a surface to allow their movement precisely without jittering.


Moreover, t-shirts are part of the basic necessity of a person. This will never go out of style, and that could be enough for you to consider this to be your custom promotional product. Why don’t you give it a go? It is ideal for those who want to start their business ventures and journey as an entrepreneur. It is a great idea to let your recipient advertise your products without any fees or effort.


Now that the winter weather is approaching, sweatshirts are suitable to serve as your custom promotional products. You can make or place your designs and suggest any pattern styles that you want for as long as your printing shop has sealed the deal. Moreover, customizing sweatshirts is such a breeze. There are broad styles and designs that you can alter and place for them. We believe your customers and consumers will love to use your custom sweatshirts on any occasion. 


Aside from tote bags, hats are one of in-demand and trending items on the list that most customers prefer. It is because it can be partnered with any outfit, can be used as protection against sun exposure, and is a gift you can customize on special occasions. You may request to put your name or impress the initials of your company’s name to your printing partner or manufacturer as long as you want to. 

Custom promotional products


In addition, pillows can go custom and customizable too. This is part of necessity as well, along with the T-shirt and categorized under shelter. It keeps our heads aligned properly when we sleep. If you plan to give it a go-to be your custom promotional product, you can help your consumers to keep their bodies intact and healthy. In what way, you ask? Through supporting the health posture that they need so they can wake up pain-free. 


With its unique designs, your future customers, investors, and co-entrepreneurs would love the idea of getting blankets customized as a promotional product.  It can nestle a throw blanket from your personalized fleece blanket gift given to them. They can use it anywhere they want, like when they watch television, coverage and extra protection even if you do your errands inside and outside your home.

Key Takeaways

Amid their specified similarities and differences, customizable and custom promotional products are inclined to the objective of the company to encourage its customers to purchase and consume their products. Both ways can help you attain your aims for as long as you choose the right printing partner to make your objectives achievable. Furthermore, Dad’s Printing looks forward to working with that matter. Contact us to create your best customizable or custom promotional products.

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