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Workout Clothes


We Offer Custom Printed Leggings, Custom Sports Bras, Custom Bike Shorts and More!

Every gym has a T-Shirt or a Hoodie, some may even have hats. However, all these things get worn outside of the gym. How next level would it be if instead of everyone wearing Lulu’s, they were wearing your gym’s own Custom Workout Clothes? This is the merch move to set yourself apart. Level up your apparel game with Dad’s!

Custom Workout Clothes

Why are Custom Workout Clothes Trending Today?

Athleisure and Athletic wear isn’t just for those who go to a gym anymore. You cannot walk down a street in Canada or the States nowadays without seeing someone in their Lulu’s or their Gymshark. 

The Athleisure market is growing 20% annually in North America, and shows no signs of stopping down. Your gym could get ahead of the merch curve with our Custom Athletic wear. 

Custom Workout Clothes give you the opportunity to grow your Gym’s or Fitness brand by offering a custom item no one else will have – an original design made just for you and available nowhere else in the world! That’s heads turning your way, the most gratifying advertising of them all.

Why Choose Dad's Printing for Custom Workout Clothes?

Our custom workout clothes are more than just custom workout clothing. Our customers are people who take their fitness aspirations seriously and we offer the best quality custom workout clothes to help them achieve success by offering the following:

  • Great prices
  • North American Production
  • 1 on 1 Customer Service
  • Minimum Quantities as low as 12 Pieces
  • Free consultation and brand guidance


Dad’s Printing aims to help you get noticed and increase brand exposure by getting your clients in high quality, original gym clothing. 

Custom Workout Clothes

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