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Custom Printing Techniques For Garments

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Professional online garment printers make it easy for you than ever before when it comes to a bespoke design, image, logo, or slogan for your workplace, school, University, sport’s club, special event, or just a unique gift for someone special.

For creating high quality printed clothing for you as easy as a few clicks away and from the comfort of your own home or office, online garment printing companies provide.

A simple Internet search will provide you with a vast selection of websites and companies offering similar services if you are considering custom printed t-shirts or personalized clothing.

If you are after quality and speed of service as well as a friendly and customer oriented staff that understands your needs, then you will encounter difficulty finding the right company unless you know where to go, as the competition is saturated. Even for custom hat printing.

Before you seek a personalized clothing company, it is important that you understand your own needs. Whether you will require one-off printing or a larger run order is what you need to decide first. To satisfy your needs, for the larger run orders, a business-to-business oriented company will be better suited.

A more business-to-consumer e-commerce website or fabric printing company might be what you are looking for if you are only after a one-off and you are not looking to resell the garment and the quality if not very important to you. As you can get everything through them be it custom socks.

Custom Printing Techniques For Garments

To provide high quality, professionally printed garments, B2B companies are accustomed to working with retail companies, fashion designers, corporations and other blue chip businesses. Even for promotional clothing, B2B personalized clothing companies will also be more competitive in their pricing as they can offer economies of scale on the more units in your order.

Commercial garment printers have a variety of methods at their disposal for personalized clothing. For thousands of years, custom printing has been around. People were stamping designs on garments long before Guttenberg introduced his printing press.

Screen printing was the method that was used. Screen printing is still the most popular method of custom printing as incredible as it may be. The process has changed very little in all those years more incredible as it may the fact be.

Stencils designs are attached as contemporary printers still rely on simple wooden screen. It is then stamped onto blank garments as paint or ink is applied to the design. For the high school graduations, sports teams, and clubs and for special events like the weddings and bachelor parties, the method is used to create custom garments.

Printing up on custom garments and giving them away to the local community is an easy way to spread the word since most new companies cannot afford traditional advertising.

This has led to the increased competition and lower prices in most of the industries as people are now typically looking for the printing on the garments. Submitting them directly to the site, guest can even upload their own design and ideas. With the screen printing, it is ensured that both the parties will be satisfied.

Always go with the simple one. It becomes less so when the customer requests a fine detail and intricate designs, screen printing is a reliable printing method. When the client requests a single color, screen printing is also much cheaper and faster. It will cost a lot more as custom designs that include rainbows or any other polychromatic image will inevitably take longer to produce.

Custom Printing Techniques For Garments

After the image is burned onto the screen, ink is poured onto the mesh which is then forced through the holes by squeezing which is either automated or hand drawn. The positive imprint only is then printed onto the t-shirt which is placed beneath the screen on a platen as the opaque negative image will not allow the ink to pass through it.

Depending on the number of stations or platens one used and the complexity of the press itself, a typical screen printing set up can cost anywhere from $8000-$35,000. To dry the t-shirt we use a large conveyor heater. To clean the sheets all you need is an exposure unit, making shift dark room and a washing station.

Over the alternative methods available, Tshirt screen printing has one distinct advantage. This method is even fast. From a single 6 color press, between 30-90 t-shirts can be produced. Even the ink costs are much lower.

Most companies charge the client one time set up fee for each color separation as setting it up is time-consuming as well as cleaning the sheets. In case the customer ever needs to reprint, the screens are usually stored.

The positive outcome for screen printing t-shirts is that you get a clean solid color print. They are even great in a case of logos and sharp text. It also keeps the printing price to minimal and is perfect for mass production.

It is extremely durable and can be washed and washed over several times before the ultimate fading of the garment. In regards to the digital printing on t-shirts, this screen printed t-shirts would last more wash cycles than its counterparts.

Few disadvantages if noted is that it is not really suitable for the reproduction of photography unless you are willing to have a smaller grade of the photo image.

There is a separate screen that has to be made and stored for each color as each color is painted separately. This business can be messy when you decide to enter into it.

Custom Printing Techniques For Garments

T-shirt printing industry has cleaned up considerably over the years when speaking of the environment. Enviro-friendly soy based ‘plastisol’ inks will only be used by many companies. When it comes to its water it is soluble as well as odor free. No air-polluting solvents or volatile compounds are contained in them.

When used responsibly, the manufacture, transportation, storage, use and disposal of the plastisol inks do not cause injury, illness or environmental contamination.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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