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Custom Pillow Printing Has Now Jumped To a Completely New Level

Many consumers find themselves confused when given the additional choices of gussets, embroidery, piping or cording, removable protectors and more as bed pillows come in all shapes, sizes, and options.

How you can make the most out of all these bells and whistles, as we are going to take a look at the pillow options as there are custom pillow printing too which are going on these days.


The basic construction consists of a rectangle shaped fabric filled and down, down alternative, or polyester when a pillow is made. There are six basic sizes of a pillow and the majority of stores carry Jumbo and King.

The following are the basic sizes for custom pillows which you can get these days:

Standard – 20 x 26
Jumbo – 20 x 28
Queen – 20 x 30
King – 20 x 36
Euro – 26 x 26
Body – 20 x 54 or 20 x 60

The reason behind the thickness of pillows:

A pillow featuring a border or panel in the middle of the outside is what a pillow with a “gusset” or “sidewall” is. Thus containing more filling, this additional middle fabric allows the pillow to be thicker.

As because the additional filling and the aesthetic element looks visually more interesting to consumers as the department stores like them thicker.

Custom Pillow Printing Has Now Jumped To a Completely New Level

Custom pillow printing in Vancouver makes sure that the thickness is maintained while fulfilling a customer’s wish. A pillow is firmer is not meant so by simply having a gusset.

In the same way, normal pillow constructions do the custom pillows when printed can run soft, medium or firm. A pillow with a gusset can be used in existing pillowcases just the same in most cases.

Making it hard to fit into a pillowcase and have a couch-cushion looking to them, sometimes the stores may promote a really thick gusset pillow.

On a pillow what are the different trims or embellishments?

For the decorative, aesthetic visuals, some pillows feature piping or braiding. The feeling of the pillow is not hindered through the decorative elements.

The piping or braiding can be large enough to cause an uncomfortable bump underneath a pillow case and this is rare in some of the most extreme cases. Printed fabric on the pillow, gusset or both is the other decorative elements which are included.

Why customized pillows have protectors?

To make caring for them easier, some pillows feature a bonus pillow protector. A pillow will hardly use a nice outer protector and a basic inner pillow fabric.

So as not to feel the zippers when closed and in bed use, we like to look for those custom pillow printing services which feature premium smooth zippers.

Having a personalized pillow with a picture

When used on personalized items, digital photos tend to provide the best looking results. Without there being too detrimental an effect on the photo itself, this is simply because digital photos offer a very high resolution which can also be manipulated.

If you are buying a custom pillow case then you can also personalize a pillow with pictures if you have in mind a personalized gift idea. You can use the picture of major family events, or of any place or item which you or the recipient truly loves or pictures of family holidays.

Having embroideries on pillows

Typically on the outer side of the protector, some department stores and brands like to use an embroidered logo on their pillows. It does reinforce the brand in a store setting for extra visual appeal as the embroidery does not save a purpose.

So that you need not be afraid of them, options account for individual customer’s wants and needs. It can really be a pleasant experience when you go for personalized pillows.

Custom Pillow Printing Has Now Jumped To a Completely New Level

This way you can also come to know the main mantra behind how to make photo pillows when you have so many options out there in the market.

As an addition to your bed set, the custom pillowcase is an ideal choice which you can make. Your bedding or you simply want to show off a photo a custom pillow case is a perfect option whether you use neutral colors and want a way to add a little feature to your bedding.

Without having to worry unduly about washing, drying, ironing, the Trieste material ensures that you can also enjoy it simple, virtually and with a carefree maintenance.

Designing options

To print a single photo on the top of the case is the standard design layout. Other options also do exist. You can choose to have the same or a different photo or design printed on the back of the pillow so that it can be used either way up if taken as an example.

You can also have one created for you and then printed on the Trieste custom pillowcase as you can also create a photo montage using several pictures. It can make a beautiful addition to your room when it comes to a standard sized pillowcase.

The ideal accompaniment with customized duvet covers

There are many other items of personalized bedding and soft furnishings as well as the pillowcases. Selecting a single one can prove really to be difficult with over 150 personalized gifts to choose from. Customized duvet cover is one such item as there are many items which combine with custom pillowcases.

So that you can use in your own room, another room in the house, or to give to a loved one as a beautiful gift to celebrate any event or occasion, you can use the same picture or a completely different one.

Custom Pillow Shams

The ideal accompaniment with custom blankets

Are you still looking for another personalized bedding accompaniment? Looking especially effective when it utilizes a professionally designed photo montage as the custom blanket is one such item.

If you have a montage designed professionally and by using the custom pillow printing service which you can also ensure that the design fits and works effectively on the pillowcase as you do not have to rely on your own design or PC skills.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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