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Custom Face Masks: Why Is It The Best Promotional Product

Custom face masks could be considered as an underrated promotional product. However, it is definitely one of the best products to be used as a giveaway or business gift. With a large number of businesses around the world, it is important for a company to pull off a great strategy that will increase its brand awareness. Considering this, promotional face masks can provide your company with multiple benefits.

If you are still not convinced, let me tell you about the reasons why using custom face masks is great for promotions. I will also point out the steps that you should take when you are planning to make your own mask prints.

What are the benefits of having promotional custom face masks?

A lot of people may think that masks can’t be a promotional product but they are actually wrong. People who are wearing custom face masks are considered as walking billboards for your business or brand. This means that when they are wearing the custom face masks, they are advertising for you wherever they go. Since it covers almost half of their faces, people will definitely notice your logo or slogan printed on them if placed properly.

It Is Cost-effective.

First of all, it is cost effective. A large number of companies are trying to reduce the amount of money they spend on marketing. By hiring a professional graphic designer to create your own logo or brand identity, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on printing costs.

Most Mask Designs Require Few Ink Colors

Second, each mask only requires one to two color printing so it will be very easy to have your designs printed on them.  Even though you will only print one or two colors, the masks can still retain an impressive look and feel due to its exceptional quality.

Make A Great First Impression.

Aside from that, custom face masks are a great way of making a great first impression on your customers. If you decide to use this product for promotional purposes then people will definitely associate your company logo with face masks. This means that when they think about your business, they will also remember how thoughtful and creative you were when distributing the custom face masks. If you want to be remembered by your clients, why not try using promotional items such as these?

They’re Widely Used.

Finally, custom face masks are used by a lot of people. Who would have thought that custom face masks also have more uses than you can imagine? You can use them during an outdoor activity such as biking, hiking or even skiing. They are perfect not just for sporting activities but for camping as well. During winter, face masks are still the best way of protecting yourself from the harsh cold air that has no mercy when it comes to your nose and throat.

custom face masks

They’re Unique.

Lastly, custom face masks are unique which your customers will surely appreciate. If you think that wristbands are the best way of creating awareness among your target market, then face masks can do it even better. Even if wristbands can also create a kickass impression for your company, nothing beats the special effect that masks can provide. This is because face masks allow you to print around ten thousand different kinds of designs! So why not take full advantage of this?

Custom Face Masks Have a Wide Range of Design Options.

Now let’s look at the custom face masks you can choose from when you are out shopping for these products. There are actually a large number of custom face mask options available in the market today. If your budget is limited then go for one that has an elastic band or strap because they are less expensive compared to custom face masks with ear loops.

If you want custom face masks that have ear loops, which are slightly more expensive compared to custom face masks with straps, then be careful when choosing your color scheme so your design will not get washed off easily by water or sweat.

What are the ways to use Custom Face Masks to Promote?

Now that you know their benefits, you might be wondering about the ways to use custom masks as your promotional product. Well, there are actually three strategic methods that you can do. Whether use only one of these or do them altogether will be entirely up to you!

Staff Presentation

Number one is to use custom face masks as part of your staff presentation. This is especially true if you want the world to know how certain and unique your company is or in other words, branding! You can ask your staff to wear the custom masks when they are in store or when they are posting on their social media.

Don’t forget about using custom face masks in all of your corporate events such as Christmas parties, summer picnics and even launch parties for new products that you are currently promoting.


If you own an apparel store, it is definitely helpful to have your own designs and logo on custom face masks. This can serve as your merchandise as it is currently in demand in the market. You will not only profit from them but they can also serve as great promotional products for your store.

Aside from that, custom face masks can serve as awesome memorabilia for sports teams, universities, and even tourist destinations.  Also,  they can serve as awesome giveaways for events such as music festivals and even concerts.

Promotional Items

Not many people know that custom face masks can also be used as promotional products. So if you’re planning to give away custom face masks along with other promotional products then you can actually mix all these items together. For example, you can create a health care box along with custom sanitizers, essential oils, and others. These are the gifts that will help customers remember how thoughtful you were when distributing them.

How to Make Your Own Custom Face Masks

One of the main reasons why a lot of people are hesitating to create their own masks is because they are still not familiar with  this. But to help, we will give your some pointers on how to create them. Here are some steps that you need to follow in order for your custom face mask prints to turn out great:

custom face masks

Choose the Right Material

There are actually a lot of custom face mask materials that you can choose from depending on your needs. You have silicone, EVA, and custom paper among others.

If you want to make the custom face mask more durable then go for custom silicone or vinyl custom face mask rather than custom paper or custom EVA ones. This is because these two options provide great durability aside from being able to create unique and attractive prints!

Choose the Best Mask Design.

The next important thing that you need to do is choose the design that would best fit your product. You can be as simple as you want and as creative as you can get.  Some masks can have full prints all over it or you can just put your logo at the center or corner for a minimalist look.

However, make sure that the design is appropriate for masks. Remember that you only have limited space. Thus putting images with multiple texts or intricate details may affect its printing process.

Create a Design for the Mask.

Now that you have chosen your custom face mask material and custom face mask design, it’s time to start creating one! In this case, there are two options that you can choose from. You can either make a design using software programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. You can also draw your custom design using pencils and papers.

One thing that you need to remember when creating a promotional custom face mask is how you can properly market your own brand. Other people opt to monochrome fabrics with simple logo at the center. However, you can also show your creativity by making a unique print all over design to your masks.

Make Sure to Include Logos and Brand Info.

Once you have already started creating custom face masks, make sure to include all the necessary information in it. Whether it is a logo or text, make sure that they are placed in areas where people can easily see them. This will help increase product visibility and brand recognition.

A mask is a great place to place your logo and your brand’s catchphrase as it has enough space to cater tp your design.

Consider Your Color Scheme

You are trying to make custom face masks stand out, right? So why not consider custom face mask colors that will appeal to many? There are different custom face mask designs that you can choose from, but if you want it to be more unique and eye-catching then choose custom colors.

This is the best way for people to easily spot your brand when they wear it around. You can also mix and match different colors on your mask if your brand asks for it. However, make sure to use a color that will help your logo pop out more.

custom face masks


While it is easy to create custom face masks, there are still some things that you need to consider when creating them. It is also important to choose a great printing partner that offers affordable prices without compromising your designs. In this case, Dad’s Printing is your go-to printing shop.

Promotional custom face masks are a great product for companies who wants to get noticed by many people around their area. So what are you waiting for? Make custom face masks now and see how fast it will be appreciated by others! Call us at Dad’s Printing now!

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