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Exceptional Quality Starting at Just 12 Units!

Dad’s Printing excels by combining unparalleled quality with competitive pricing. Offering wholesale options starting at just 12 units, we ensure your embroidery and patches projects meet both your high standards and budget requirements without compromise.

Custom Embroidered Hats

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery stands as the epitome of elegance in garment decoration, where each stitch weaves a tale of sophistication and style. It’s where fabric finds its voice, subtly demanding attention without excess.


At Dad’s Printing, we approach embroidery with utmost dedication. To us, it is the mark of individuals who appreciate the understated yet impactful, a tribute to the timeless quality that characterizes our work. Embroidery transcends mere adornment, representing a harmonious fusion of age-old tradition and modern ingenuity.

Why Choose Dad's Printing for Custom Embroidery & Patches?

Dad’s Printing is designed for adaptability, always aiming to meet the diverse requirements of our clientele.


Our custom embroidery service is dedicated to delivering top of the line embroidery on a variety of products, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. We source the finest fabrics and threads and employ a team of expert embroiderers, guaranteeing superior results for every project.


Whether it’s headwear, patches, or sweaters, our capabilities cover a wide range of garments. We also provide digitization and consultation services, alongside in-house design expertise, to bring your visions to life.

custom embroidery

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Dad’s Printing leads the way in apparel production and promotional product services. Our deep knowledge of quality control and extensive experience in global logistics ensures that your projects are handled smoothly and efficiently, regardless of your product or print requirements.

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