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Custom DTG Printing: What is it and Why Should You Use It?

If you don’t know what custom DTG printing is, well, you came to the right person.

As you may know, our expertise here in Dad’s Printing is offering various types of custom prints and one of them is Direct to Garment Printing.

So, we can answer pretty much most of the questions that you may be asking.

With different options of printing in the market, it is easy to be confused especially if you are just new to the industry. But actually, direct to garment printing is the best custom print option out there.

We’ll tell you why in just a few so keep on reading!

What Is Custom DTG Printing?

Before anything else, let’s talk about what custom DTG printing is. Other people in the industry also call this as direct to garment printing, digital apparel printing, or inkjet to garment printing. So, if you encounter any of those words and you’re wondering what they are, they are actually the same thing. But, to make this article easier to understand, let’s stick with DTG printing.

The process involves directly applying ink onto the fabric of your custom t-shirts and garments with the use of modified inkjet technology instead of heat presses or silkscreens. It uses a high quality printer and specialized inks for vibrant colors and graphic prints.

Many people consider custom DTG printing the best print option available in the market because it is so versatile.

Unlike other printing options, it allows you to print whatever graphics you like with a giant printer. It also offers a wide array of tones of up to a whopping 16 million colors. So, if you want your prints to be extremely detailed, it is best to choose custom DTG printing.

How Long Does Direct To Garment Printing Last?

DTG printing is designed to last for a very, very long time. One fact about custom is that it does not fade easily despite numerous laundry cycles. Because of this, you don’t need to worry too much on how to take care of your t-shirts because the prints are extremely durable even after being washed.

Although most T-shirts can only withstand 50 or so washes, DTG print garments can last multiple cycles and may endure up to 100 washes. Customers don’t mind if a garment has been machine washed and dried several times because it’s “good enough” for them.

dtg printing

What Are The Advantages of Custom DTG Printing?

So, now that you know what custom DTG printing is, let’s go over the benefits of using this as your custom t-shirt print option. As you know, this option is one of the most convenient ones as it does not need extensive processes that you usually have to go through in silk screen printing, heat press, and sublimation.

But, what are the other advantages you can get from custom DTG Printing?

  1. Large Range Of Colors 

When it comes to custom DTG printing, there is no limitation to colors. As discussed above, this option is famous for its wide array of up to 16 million colors. So, instead of only having the basic reds and blues (which are usually what other options offer), custom DTG printing enables you to print in yellow, purple, green and much more! This is perfect for custom t-shirt printing because it provides you with the chance to print in colors that are not usually available on other custom tee printing options.

  1. Professional DTG Printers 

Another benefit of custom DTG printing is having direct access to professional DTG printers which are actually modified inkjet printers. Who else can give you custom printed t-shirts with such high quality than custom DTG printers themselves?

  1. High Color Resolution

Color detail is yet another benefit of custom DTG printing. The custom DTG printers that we use for printing at Dad’s Printing produce prints with details and sharp lines. This is because we use a type of inkjet printer that has an extremely high color resolution.

  1. Versatility

Lastly, custom DTG printing is famous for its versatility. Because DTG printers are modified inkjet printers, it can print on different types of clothing that are made up of cotton textiles. Furthermore, you can also use it to print on different garments such as tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more.

  1. Fast Turnaround Time 

Custom DTG printing also offers a fast turnaround time which is one of the primary reasons why a lot of customers prefer this option. Printing a shirt usually takes only an hour and depending on the volume of your order, we can deliver your custom prints about 3 to 10 days from the moment that you submit your preferred designs.

  1. Low Setup Cost

Custom DTG printing also has a low set up cost, which means that despite its numerous benefits, you don’t need to pay more for better quality. Custom DTG printers can provide custom custom garments at very affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

dtg printing
  1. Available For Both Mass Production And Short Production Orders

Custom DTG printing’s advantages do not end at its quality. This printing option offers versatility in demands whether it is for mass or short production. This means that you can order large volumes of custom printed tees at very affordable prices.

  1. Eco-friendly Printing Option

Custom DTG printing is one of the most sustainable options for custom prints. This is because it offers businesses a way to avoid overproduction and textile waste by printing one-offs. A business plan like this is an ultimate game-changer considering the 92 million tons of textiles that generates waste in the fashion sector each year.

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing Custom DTG Printing?

While it offers a lot of benefits, there are still some limitations on DTG Printing that you have to consider. It includes the textiles that you will use, the amount of production needed, and the overall cost. To help you understand them better, here is an explanation.

You Can Only Use it on Cotton and Polycotton

Custom DTG printing’s limitations lie in the type of clothing material where you can print it on. In other words, its printers on other types of materials such as silk or mesh. It limits your option to only cotton and polycotton garments. However, this is not that detrimental considering that a lot of clothing styles are in cotton.

Not Cost-effective for Mass Production

Another downside of custom DTG printing is that it may not be cost-effective for mass production . You can consider the fact that it uses modified inkjet printers that print designs on shirts, one at a time. Unlike in the heat press where you can print in bulks and get more people to work on the prints, you can solely rely on your printer in this printing option.

Limited Design Placement

Aside from that, one of the disadvantages of using DTG printing is that you can only print designs that exposes wide and flat parts in the garment. This means that custom DTG printers will not be able to print on other areas of the shirt aside from the sleeves and across the shirt.

custom dtg printing

Not Ideal For Dark Garments

Moreover, custom DTG printing is not ideal for dark garments . You can only use it to white or other lighter shades otherwise the print will not show up the correct colors. However, some high quality DTG printers enables printing on black garments by doing some special tricks.

Key Takeaways

Custom DTG printing is one of the most accurate printing options thanks to its textiles and is also very versatile. If you are planning on customizing only a few shirts here and there, this is perfect for you. It also offers other benefits that can be great both for customers, sellers, and even the Earth.

If you want DTG printing for your custom products, Dad’s Printing has the best offers for you!  We offer prints for various items like  custom tees and hoodies, tote bags, mugs, plates, and many more. Whatever your custom DTG printing needs are, we got you covered!

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