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Custom All Over Print Hoodies: A Complete Guide To Making One

Among the trends in the printing industry, custom all over print hoodies is one of the best ways to show your creativity and uniqueness. Because you can print on all areas of the garment, the designers are not limited to the prints that they want to make. It also gives more freedom to choose popping colors and unique designs that do not only center in a certain area.

But, how is it possible for a small business owner or a regular person to create their own custom all over print hoodies? If it was before, a lot of people would argue that only big companies with a large budget have the capabilities to order these prints. However, our new technology and innovative methods prove that it is completely possible to do this cost-effectively.

In this article, we’ll let you in on some industry secrets about all-over prints and the most convenient way to create one. Read on to know more.

What is All Over Printing?

Basically, all over printing is just a special technique of garment printing which covers all the spaces in the cloth. There is an easy way to spot if the fabric is printed before or after sewing. You only have to check their seams, hem, and other spaces that the printers may not be able to reach easily. If they have small to no print at all, then it means that the printing happens after it was sewn.

Meanwhile, if the hem or interior of the fabric has all-over prints, then there is a high chance that it was printed before it was sewn. This is the traditional way of printing all over. However, there are also new ways of screen printing that enable oversized and all-over prints that surpasses its limitations. It is best to ask your printing partner about the availability of their printing methods.

Aside from that, the design of the custom all over print hoodies is highly important. It is important to avoid making your design over the top or nearly impossible to print. It is best to hire professionals or ask for some guidelines from printing professionals. This way, you can avoid designing mistakes that can cause issues in the future.

Some Of The Rules That You Should Follow

1. Minimize Printing Imperfections By Distressing Seams and Edges

If you see all over printed hoodies that cover the seams, you may notice that some of them may have bumps and lumps which don’t look nice at all. Due to the threads and rivets, ink can easily clump on areas that do not perfectly lay out flat such as seams and edges. If you want to minimize this undesirable result, it is best to perform distressing firsthand for the portions that go over the edges and seams.

But, what is distressing? This is a process of editing a pattern of your design to remove spots of ink and create a more vintage or weathered look. By distressing the seams, you can prevent clumping and smearing in these unflat areas. It also makes the design look more perfect and flawless.

custom all over print hoodies

2. Always Ask for a Sample

When finding the right printing shop for your custom all over print hoodies, it is important to check their credibility first. It may not be enough to just search them online and look for customer reviews. To be sure, it is better to visit their physical store and ask for some samples to see if they are capable of printing your design.

Aside from that, prior to the printing process, you can also ask for a sample of a printed hoodie first before proceeding to a large-scale printing. This can help you avoid issues and ensure that everything is perfect.

3. Make The Adjustments That You Need

After you ask for a sample of your product, check if there are anything that you should change or adjust for the better. Ask for your friends’ or family’s opinion to spot the mistakes better. Note them down and ask your printing partner if they could make the changes and if it is possible to achieve a better quality. Of course, if you think that the sample is already perfect, there is no more need for any of these.

4. Choose The Material Carefully

There are various types of fabrics that you can choose from when planning your all over print hoodies. The most common one is cotton as it is a soft and comfortable choice for everyone. However, you can also choose fleece if you want to focus more on providing warmth for your consumers. 

Lastly, one of the most trendy hoodie fabrics is nylon. This synthetic fabric gives shine and pop of color to its users which makes it perfect for fashion icons and teens. However, note that depending on the fabric, your printing method will also vary.

5. Consult Your Printing Partner When it Comes to Designs.

One of the common mistakes that customers do when preparing a design for their all over print hoodies is not consulting printing professionals. There are certain limitations and rules that you must follow when doing this. So, to avoid any printing issues, it is best to ask for some guidelines beforehand.

You can also refer to some common all over print hoodie designs in the market to set your standard.

6. Set a Reasonable Budget.

When looking for a printing shop and designing your hoodie, it is best to consider your budget first. Don’t settle for a single store and compare quotations from at least three or more printing professionals. Choose the best deal with lower cost and better printing quality than others.

custom all over print hoodies

What Are The Methods To Make Custom All Over Printed Hoodies?

Now that you know the things to know about custom all over print hoodies, it is now time to learn about the methods to make one. There are several printing styles that you can use to achieve these prints. However, their functionality varies depending on the design, time, and fabric that you will use.

Large-Scale Screen Printing

One of the most typical printing methods that professionals use for custom all over print hoodies is the large-scale screen printing. This is just like regular screen printing except that it uses a huge screen that covers the entire garment size. You can even use it for extra large shirts for male!

For this method, you can use any type of fabric which means that you have more freedom for designs. It creates a great finish and iis highly durable. You can also do this by hand or by industrial belt screen printer machine.

However, it is best to limit the number of colors that you will use for your design. In this method, each tone requires its own screen which makes it more time-consuming and costly. You should also note that this method is best for large-scale orders and can be impractical if you only need 10 orders or less.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Another method that you can use for all over print hoodies is the dye sublimation printing. In this method, you will need a special printer which uses specific sublimation inks. After printing the design on a transfer paper, you will need a commercial heat press to transfer the design on the garment.

In the process,  the dye will become a gas without becoming a liquid (or simply sublimates) and the fibers will absorb it. This makes the dye a permanent part of the fabric which means that it will not bleed out or fade easily. You can also avoid cracks from your print with this method.

For the best outcome, you can use polyester or polymer substrates as the fabric of your hoodie. You can also use drirelease 50/50 (50% polyester and 50% cotton) or (85% polyester and 15% cotton) to achieve a more vibrant finish.

Unlike the large-scale screen printing, dye sublimation printing can replicate intricate designs without significantly affecting the price. You can also print hyper-realistic and photos with this method. However, the process may take longer than the previous one, which is one of the things that you should also consider.

custom all over print hoodies

Choose The Best Printing Shop For Your Custom All Over Print Hoodies!

All-over printing method definitely opens a lot of doors for possibilities in the industry. It crosses the boundaries of previous limitations that printing professionals have when it comes to considering the design they do. Moreover, it enables more creativity and fun in the fashion industry. But, if you are interested in custom all over print hoodies, Dad’s Printing can help you!

Dad’s Printing is a reliable shop that offers various customization methods for their customers. One of these is the all-over printing that is available for different garments like hoodies. This makes for a great promotional product and even a great addition to your clothing business. If interested, you can contact us here or visit our homepage for more info.

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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