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So you wanna add some custom embroidered patches to your Canadian Tuxedo… Is there a better feeling than throwing back a Pabst Blue Ribbon in

Find out the answer to this long-standing feud! It is a question as old as time… One that has been argued over many a pint…

A tale as old as time, but with a modern twist… At the risk of repeating something you already know, the reason your company should

Your company has decided to order branded t-shirts for your company’s team participating in the next Tough Mudder. You have been put in charge of

We are here to answer any and all questions regarding socks! (Well, not all questions…) We live for socks! We dream of socks! We don’t

You already knew the answer to this, didn’t you? Sublimation can open up many transferring opportunities for crafters and business owners alike, though you may

I like this question! Where all my frugal people at? Sublimated Prints and Screen Prints are considered to be the ones that would last longest.

I can honestly say I never expected this question…Who knew? This is not a very common problem faced by many people and I can honestly say that nobody has ever asked before how to do it. Removing a print from a t-shirt can be tricky.

Vicuna, of course! Just kidding… There are many different fabric options out there for screen printing, so how do you know which is best to

In this guide, we’ll be outlining how to care for your prized custom printed t-shirts. Whether you created your custom print t-shirt with Screen Printing,