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Promotional products are useful in marketing because, in an increasingly cutthroat business environment. Where companies and their brands battle for attention, custom promotional products provide the ability to be innovative and distinctive. They make brands more noticeable and they give businesses a sense of identity. This is also the case for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

But, what are the best custom promotional products that you can choose and which are the most efficient? In this article, we’ll talk about these details as well as the considerations you should take when preparing your custom items.

Why should you get custom promotional products for your resto?

Ever wondered why large food companies insist on preparing custom uniforms for their employees? Note that wherever you look in their store, they have their name, logo, and branding. Whether it is on their plastic cups, spoon and fork, boxes, paper bags, it is easy to identify their brand. Moreover, some companies even invest in having promotional product giveaways.

Here are some of the reasons why custom promotional products are ideal for restaurants, bars, and cafes:

1. Branding the custom promotional products you choose to order invokes an association with your company.

Customized gifts or custom promotional products are chosen for specific reasons. According to marketing experts, the best custom items are those that represent your business well. They reflect its culture and objectives in a way that employees will wear it with pride because they want to, not because they’re forced to. This will be displayed in the custom products that you’ll give away.

2. Promote your business by giving custom promotional products to clients and free samples when possible.

You can use custom promotional products effectively when you give them away together with your product or when someone buys something from your company’s store. For example, custom water bottles are great giveaways for people who want to bring their custom promotional products wherever they go.

3. Promotional custom products are also cost-effective compared to other kinds of marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for an effective way to spread the word about your business, custom promotional products are just right for you since these are inexpensive. You can custom them to your liking so they don’t cost too much on your budget, yet are able to attract attention.

4. Custom promotional products are also very versatile.

These custom gifts are easy to design, so it will be easy to customize them according to your preferences. You can pick custom items that have multiple uses. For example, custom printed mugs are great giveaways because people will use them every day.

bean & leaf custom mug

What are the custom promotional products available for restaurants?

Now that you have some reasons why custom promotional products are ideal for restaurants, bars, and cafes, what items do you think will best fit your business?

1. Water bottles

Custom water bottles are very helpful for your business because people will use them on a daily basis. Plus, custom printed water bottles are easy to find at affordable prices. You can give these  items away during food festivals or other events outside of the restaurant itself. This is an excellent way to increase awareness about your brand among your target market.

2. Coffee mugs

Custom printed coffee mugs are great for businesses that specialize in serving drinks since your target market would be those people who drink their daily dose of your products. You can also custom print ceramic coffee mugs at affordable prices, so it will be easy on your budget.

3. Tote bags

Tote bags are just right promotional items for restaurants, bars, and cafes since these custom products are multipurpose. Any custom printed tote bag can serve as a grocery or travel bag because it can come in many sizes and doesn’t matter if it’s too big. It is also very trendy and a lot of people use it as fashion items or use them in their school.

4. Promotional pens

Pens are also very useful for businesses that put a lot of emphasis on writing utensils. You can simply have your brand name and logo printed on pens, and you’re done. No need to overcomplicate the designs.

However, if you want a more iconic custom pen, there are also some who puts useful  features as an addition. For example, you can put a calendar or even a flashlight to your pens. These pandemic, one of the trends is to give away pens with alcohol and sanitizer spray on the other side.

5. Custom aprons

Custom aprons are great for restaurants that provide food services to both their customers and employees working behind the kitchen counter top. You can print on  aprons with your business name and logo. This way, not only will the people visiting your restaurant know about your brand, even those working behind the counter can help advertise for your company as well.

customized apron

6. Magnets

Custom printed magnets are also a very effective promotional product. This is because you can easily make them with magnetic backing and use them as refrigerator accessories. Your custom magnets can also be printed in sturdy materials, so if you give these custom promotional products away to customers, they are likely to use them for a long time.

7. Planners

Give custom planners to your target market to use as a daily planner. These custom items are perfect for businesses that want to give their customers a gift that they can use time and again. In fact, a lot of Starbucks’ fans make the store’s planner as their collectible items which boosts its sales even more.

8. Waterproof custom phone cases

If you own a restaurant on the beach or on the side of the street where it is often raining, waterproof phone cases can be an ideal custom promotional product to give away. This custom item is a perfect example of custom products that have multiple uses, which gives it a higher chance of being used by your target market over and over again.

9. Coasters

Coasters are one of the best items that can be easily custom printed in various designs—you can even custom print it in your restaurant’s logo or name. You can also find coasters in different materials which gives you more freedom. But if you want to give away custom promotional products for bartenders and restaurants, custom cork coasters are ideal.

10. Bottle Openers

If you own a bar and are popular with the people who like drinking, custom bottle openers are one of the best items that you can give away. Bottle openers are also very useful to have since it is often needed when people eat in restaurants or bars. A lot of restaurants make custom bottle openers as their collectibles and giveaways—in fact, custom bottle opener giveaways are becoming one of the most sought-after custom promotional products.

What to consider when choosing your custom promotional products

With all these custom promotional products available in the market, it should be easier for you to build your brand and boost sales with custom printed items that you can give away to customers. But, if you still don’t know what to choose, here are some of the factors to consider.

1. Choose the size of your promotional product properly. Note that not all people will appreciate items in large sizes and will opt to use more handy ones.

2. What are the custom promotional products for restaurants made of? Think about the durability of your products and ensure that your customers can use them for a longer period. This will reflect on your branding and how you value your customers, so it is very important.

custom promo pens

3. Will custom promotional products work well with your restaurant’s branding strategy? Make sure that the product you choose will fit perfectly for your business and what your target customers may need.

4. What custom promotional products for restaurants, bars, and cafes do your competitors give away to their customers? List down all of these items and note their pros, cons, and the impact they created for the business.


Custom promotional products for restaurants, bars, and cafes are very essential in building the branding of your business. So, it is important to choose the custom items that perfectly fits with your branding strategy. Not only will this help increase your brand awareness, it can also enhance the value and impression of your food establishment.

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