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For Sublimation Printing, Which Fabric Is Suitable?

Your company has decided to order branded t-shirts for your company’s team participating in the next Tough Mudder. You have been put in charge of

Can You Use Any Mug for Sublimation?

You already knew the answer to this, didn’t you? Sublimation can open up many transferring opportunities for crafters and business owners alike, though you may

Which Kinds of T-shirt Prints Last the Longest?

I like this question! Where all my frugal people at? Sublimated Prints and Screen Prints are considered to be the ones that would last longest.

How to Remove a Print Without Damaging the T-shirt?

I can honestly say I never expected this question…Who knew? This is not a very common problem faced by many people and I can honestly say that nobody has ever asked before how to do it. Removing a print from a t-shirt can be tricky.

What Are the Best Fabrics to Use for Screen Printing?

Vicuna, of course! Just kidding… There are many different fabric options out there for screen printing, so how do you know which is best to

How to Make the Print on T-shirts Last as Long as Possible?

In this guide, we’ll be outlining how to care for your prized custom printed t-shirts. Whether you created your custom print t-shirt with Screen Printing,

Why Can’t We Do a Sublimation Print on Nylon Fiber?

This is one of the greatest questions out there about sublimation printing! Most dye sublimation printing services companies will not offer this option as a

What Do We Need to Prepare for Sublimation Printing?

On the custom all-over sublimation printing services side, there are a lot of aspects to consider, such as the sublimation transfer tape, sublimation paper, ink,

custom sublimation shirts

This question gets asked a lot… Let’s put this matter to rest, shall we?  The short answer is, no there is not. The process of

custom sublimation shirts

Getting the most out of your customized t shirts online experience! Doing dye sublimation printing on dark shirts is different than doing it on light