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Expertise & Commitment in Apparel and Promotional Solutions

Located in the heart of Vancouver B.C. Dad’s Printing stands as a burgeoning powerhouse in print shop and branding services.

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled printing solutions tailored to each client’s distinctive requirements, affirming our belief that no project is too big or small for our attention.  Dad’s Printing thrives across diverse sectors—be it fashion, dining, hospitality, or construction—our team boasts extensive experience in bringing a myriad of brands to life.

We are driven by the desire to transform your creative concepts into tangible realities, showcasing captivating apparel, art prints, and promotional items to your target audience.

Armed with a profound knowledge in Quality Control and Apparel Production, and backed by global experience in warehousing and logistics, Dad’s Printing is committed to ensuring your journey through Canadian Apparel production is smooth and efficient, regardless of the product or print technique involved.

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