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We have talked about what direct to garment (custom DTG) printing is in our past article but some are still curious about its contributions in the apparel industry. So, we’re going to dive right into that topic to satiate your curiosity.

With various innovations in apparel production, it is undeniable how custom DTG printing is changing the clothing industry. From being a form of fast fashion to being a sustainable movement, it sure is able to grab the attention of the market on a wide scale. 

Aside from that, its ability to integrate in an automation workflow makes it an ideal technology for both B2B and B2C brands who are looking for a more convenient way of custom printing.

But, what are the other ways custom DTG printing is transforming apparel production? Read on to know more about this.

How Does Custom  DTG Printing Transform Apparel Production?

If you are wondering why a lot of people prefer DTG printing and how it is able to transform apparel production, let me tell you why. Here are some of the benefits that you could get from choosing this method over other printing options.

Custom DTG Printing Enables Personalization.

Personalization is one of the ways custom DTG printing is transforming apparel production. It has made custom printed tees and other customizable clothing available to common people at a faster period. This way, people won’t have to wait for weeks just to have their own customized products like shirts, hoodies, bags, and more.

But, how does custom DTG printing change the production process? Well, the issue about producing personalized apparels before is that some printing options take longer. Moreover, they are not flexible to the amount of products they can print on. For example, others can only cover bulk orders while others may find it difficult to print more than 5 orders at a time as it takes forever to finish.

But, custom DTG printing is different.  It is a process that can print custom orders in a matter of hours. With this, it is possible to custom the number of products, may it be in hundreds or a single order, at no extra cost. This makes it ideal for those who are looking to print products that they’ll use in their personal lives or even those who are planning to set up a business.

custom DTG printer

You Can Use Automation To Simplify Your Custom Production.

As custom DTG printing is transforming the apparel production by making it easy for customizing clothes. With this option, automating the whole process is really easy given that the computer and printer will do most of the labor. This proves a lot of more convenient ways to save time and manpower.

But, how does an automated workflow work in DTG printing?

In an automated workflow, barcodes are commonly embedded in items using an automated process. They’re usually printed on a sticker and affixed to the garment. They contain all the information about the product such as the design that needs to be printed on and its shipping details. It can also include the necessary info about its owner and other important requests for it.

In this case, the employees who will need to process the product do not have to take long identifying the order details. They only need to scan the barcode and the computer will automatically load the information to the printer. This includes the design files, print size, and correct positioning to avoid any mistakes. The end of the process is remarkably error-free and much faster than other printing options.

Custom DTG Printing Is Sustainable.

The textile sector is one of the biggest polluters in the world.

As part of offering eco-friendly products and supporting sustainability, it would be helpful to add custom DTG printing to your personalization options. This will not only benefit the planet, but it will also affect the impressions of customers to your branding. 

Nowadays, consumers prefer associating themselves with a more empathetic and eco-friendly company. So, it is best to advertise that your printing shop is offering environmental-friendly products that other stores may not.

Traditional screen printers use potentially harmful solvent inks or plastisol that contains PVC and phthalates. However, this method utilized eco-friendly and water-based inks. There are even printing brands that present certification of safety standards for the inks they use in direct-to-garment printers.

Custom DTG Printing Minimizes Inventory.

In custom DTG printing, there is no need for an extensive inventory. Unlike other custom printing methods that require a minimum number of products before getting the order printed, it has no minimum order requirements. 

In screen printing, preparing the layout and doing the printing process takes a lot of time and effort which makes it impractical to print a single or small number of orders. However, in DTG printing, you simply upload your designs and send it to print. 

Aside from delivering faster turnaround times, custom DTG printing also eliminates the run-to store cost in buying large inventories of custom apparels.By doing this, you can minimize the projected loss in case your products will not be bought in the future. It saves you not only time but money as well.

custom DTG printing

It Fits Your Budget.

Are you afraid that custom DTG printing might be costly?

Actually, despite its convenience and other perks, the biggest advantage of using custom DTG printers is its affordability when you compare it to other printing methods. For example, screen printing would usually cost twice more than custom DTGs because it needs more steps to get it done. So, aside from the product itself, you’ll be paying for the extensive labor and the time needed to make the custom products.

And because custom DTG printing requires less labor and equipment to produce custom tees, you can reduce the cost exponentially. This allows you to deliver custom items at a lower price. Hence, attracting more customers who are looking for cheaper options that will not compromise the quality of the prints. 

It offers Faster Turnaround Time

Due to its speed in customizing apparels, custom DTG printing offers faster turnaround times compared with other custom apparels. This is compared to screen-printing methods, sublimation, plastisol transfer, and others. Well, aside from the fact that you only need to place the product on your printer and wait for the print to finish, there are other reasons behind it.

Here are some of the reasons why: 

1. It only needs the garments and designs unlike screen printers that need plates and screen materials too. It is also different from dye sublimation where you need to print on a transfer paper and apply extreme heat to transfer the print on the apparel; 

2. It has automated workflows that can save time in producing custom orders. This also means that your employees don’t need to put in much effort when printing the custom items; 

3. It includes non-toxic materials in its process which makes it more efficient than other custom printing methods.

Custom DTG Printing is Versatile.

Custom DTG printing is useful in customizing a number of apparels. You can use it for custom printed shirts, hoodies, hats and several other items. When it comes to finding the right product for your business or personal agenda, imagination is your limit.

And because it uses water-based inks instead of solvent-based ones, its quality is more durable unlike other custom printing methods. It is also more safe to use and is great to use for products that are especially for kids.

Custom DTG Printing’s Impact on Apparel Production

With custom DTG printing, apparel production is really enjoying an improvement in its quality and speed especially with customization. The gap between supply and demand was now smaller as custom products are now possible to produce within days rather than weeks or months. It also made these items more affordable for common people which highly impacts the prices of custom products in the market.

Personalization through this method lets people express themselves better than wearing generic clothes without any symbolic meaning to them. Nowadays, there are so many design options that you can choose from and this method makes it easier than ever to produce custom items as an individual or small business owner.

custom DTG printing

The Future of DTG Printing

Now that you know how custom DTG printing is transforming apparel production it’s time to move on to what’s in store for the future of direct-to-garment printers .

As the personalized printing industry continues to grow, custom DTG printing will become more popular in customizing custom apparels. There are still some limitations and room for improvement but it doesn’t change the fact that this method is one of the top choices of masses in the market now.

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