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There can be a lot of reasons as to why you need custom pet socks in your life. For business owners, it serves as great promotional products and motivational rewards for employees. Whether it is for employee recognition or welcoming new hires, you can create an ideal company culture with this. It is also a simple and thoughtful gift for clients to create better relationships with them. Some people also give them out on trade shows, company dinners, and fundraising events.

Moreover, now that holiday season is near, it can serve as special gifts for any occasion. It can also serve as your raffle items and game prizes for your Christmas or New Year parties. And if you have a pet who is also a social media star and has a large fan base, pet socks can be the best giveaway gifts for them.

But, what is the easiest way to customize your pet socks? In this article, we’ll let you in the step-by-step process of making custom socks.

Step 1. Decide on Your Manufacturer.

When you are planning to design and order custom pet socks, what’s important is to find the best manufacturer near you. After all, you don’t want your creativity, time, effort, and money to put into waste just because your printing partner fails to deliver the best result.

First, choose a manufacturer that will offer you a wide variety of sock options. Ask the store if they have available sizes, colors, and styles that you may need for customization capabilities. Still, make sure that all of the socks they have are of high quality. Remember that a good sock must last for a while and should not tear open easily. If it wears out too fast, then it is not actually made with quality materials.

Next, you should also consider the printing process that they offer. Note that there are various printing methods that are available in the market and your printing partner should know which one is the ideal option for your custom socks. The print should be clear, vibrant, and does not fade easily in just a few washing cycles.

Another thing that you should look into is the customer’s experience. From the price to the shipping time and customer services, everything should go smoothly. Search for the store and line and look for their customer reviews to see their satisfaction rate. You can also ask for the opinion of your acquaintances who have availed their services.

Step 2. Choose The Design of Your Pet Socks.

You might think that a sock is just a sock and they don’t differ from one another. However, creating socks is an investment for your business or relationship building and not just a random DIY project. Remember that your recipient will use them on a daily basis so it must look presentable and fantastic at all times. 

pet socks

In this case, you need to think about the complex combination of various factors such as seasonal use, fibers, print design and level of comfort that they could offer. Depending on the fabric and color of the basic socks you will choose, you should design your pet socks accordingly.

Moreover, you should ensure that your design is not too complex to perfectly suit the small space of socks. Choose the best, clear, and high quality photo of your pet to get the best results. There are also some who opt to use a graphic illustration of their pets for a more unique and cute design.

If you are having a hard time understanding these things, most printing shops have graphic designers that can guide and help you with creating the sock designs. Just let them know what you have in mind and communicate well to achieve our initial goal.

Step 3. Consider the Style of Your Pet Socks

You should always remember that the foundation of your sock is its style or cut. There are different styles that you’ll see in the market and before you lose your cool choosing between them, there are three types that most people use for custom socks. These are the no-show, crew cut, quarter, and knee-high socks. While there is an option to get custom-lengths, these four styles are what typical people use.

Knee-high socks

If your recipients are mostly ladies, it is best to go for knee-length socks that they can use under their running shoes or boots. It is also ideal for adding a pad or layer to keep their feet warm in winters. Meanwhile, it can also be a great style for compressor socks if you will give them to athletic people.

Crew socks

Crew socks are great for outdoor and physical activities like running and hiking. Its coverage is also enough for people who are looking for added warmth in winter. These are mostly six to eight feet long and can even reach calf muscles depending on the leg’s length. You cannot say that these are only suitable for informal events because nowadays, a lot of professionals sports crew socks with their suit and tie.

pet socks

Quarter Socks / Anklets

Are you looking for sock styles that can provide you with excellent coverage and can protect your feet from blisters? If yes, then quarter socks are ideal for you. They are normally above the ankle and can reach your shins. Professional men typically uses this with their formal outfit while some women use this to add comfort on their feet.

No Show Socks / Invisible Socks

No-show socks are thin and offer a protective layer for people who wear them with loaders or ballerina shoes. If you are wearing an outfit where socks can look awkward with, it is best to still use invisible socks to prevent your feet from stinking. It is also a great protection for shoe bites and blisters and is a unisex item.

Step 4. Select  the Best  Fabrication Method.

Fabrication is a way of describing the material that makes up your socks and how it is made. Unlike the three steps above, this is more technical and you might need some help from a professional for this one. Still, I’ll give you a brief on the three fabrication methods in the market such as dye-sublimated, jacquard/knitted, and 360-degree printing.

  • Jacquard knit socks. These are custom-knitted which means that your design is woven into the fabric of socks itself. This is one of the most popular and affordable fabrication methods in the market.
  • Dye sublimated socks. This method is possible with a heat-transfer printing process. This method works well for intricate and complex  designs that require multiple colors. It also makes the design a permanent part of the sock so it is pretty durable. 
  • 360 printed socks. This method uses an advanced fabrication technique that removes the white gaps that are normally present in sublimated socks. It is ideal for dynamic and continuous designs that require precise printing.

Step 5. Choose the Proper Sizes of your pet socks.

Think about the recipients of your pet socks. Unlike shoes, socks have more flexible size and one size can fit three shoe sizes. If you have a wide variety of people who will receive your pet socks, then it is best to choose small, medium, and large sizes for variety. However, if you have a more specific target like a soccer team, perhaps, then it is best to choose a large size for men and youth medium for girls. 

Meanwhile, you can also sort the sizes depending on the gender of those who will use your pet socks.

Step 6. Think About the Ideal Packaging Depending On Your Order

Whether you are planning to sell your pet socks or you are planning to give them as gifts, packaging can play a very important role in setting impressions to your receiver. Some people choose a more practical option of having sewn-on tags, backer tags, and plastic packaging. If you will do this, make sure to add some design or include your logo and message in the tags.

pet socks

Meanwhile, a fancier option is having gift-boxes with confettis, and ribbons. This is ideal if you will offer them as gifts to your clients or special ones. It is best if the box, ribbons, and gift cards are also customized.

Step 7. Order and Wait for Your Pet Socks Order

After everything that you went through, we are now at the final step. After choosing and planning all of the things you need to, you can now send your order form and we will start processing your order right away. At Dad’s Printing, we promise a quick turnaround with the highest quality of custom products. If interested to know more, you can check out our website or contact us now!

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Dads Printing Team is dedicated to making your Canadian Apparel production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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