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There is a growing popularity of custom products and personalized gifts everywhere. Dye sublimation printing services is a trendy way to start your own personalization business. Moreover, it made starting a customization business easier than ever. With the appropriate equipment and willingness to learn, you can get your own company up and running in no time.

If you are ready to start learning more about dye sublimation services and the materials you need to prepare, let’s dive in!

What are dye sublimation printing services?

You may already know what it is if you are now searching for the materials you need to do it. But, let me just go over it real fast to help you understand it better.

Sublimation dye printing services is a type of dye that changes from solid to gas without first melting because the temperature does not reach its boiling point.

Basically, when you heat sublimation dye with your machine, it will turn into vapor and pass through an ink transfer system. This is where you store colors in capsules or tubes. This process gives off no traces of chemicals in your final product because there are no solvents used at all! It also means that the print is permanent and more durable than other types of prints.

What do I need for dye sublimation printing services?

The materials for dye sublimation printing services allow someone to create custom products. You can create personalized things like shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, artwork – pretty much anything! But, it is very important to prepare all materials needed before you start working on your project. You should also look into the quality of materials that you will use.

Here are some of the materials that you’ll need:

1. Sublimation Printer Package

This will probably be your biggest investment. You can find a dye-sublimation printer package for around $400-$700 depending on the size of your project and what you need it to do (i.e., if you want UV ink or not).

A dye sublimation printer is basically just like an everyday laser printer but with one key difference: instead of using toner, there’s dye that melts when heated by the fuser assembly!

It also has specially coated paper that allows heat from the machine to make dye particles change their state without actually melting them – this process is called ‘subliming’. This means that they won’t smear or smudge once printed.

However, make sure that you buy an appropriate printer for your project. Usually, sublimation printers vary depending on the size of paper that they can print on. So, if you are working on small projects like mugs, you can opt to use a smaller printer. But, if you need to print on banners, or shirts with larger prints, then you’ll need the largest one.


2. Heat Press or Mug Press

A dye sublimation printer will need to be hooked up to a heat press or mug press for the final stage of printing. These machines are essentially used in order to remove excess air from your printed product. This happens by pressing it between two heated surfaces and then sealing it using pressure.

The best part about this process is that dye-sublimated products don’t require any finishing work. It is because there’s no need for solvents. This means that they’re ready to use right away! The downside? You’ll have an additional cost when purchasing one of these presses depending on what you plan on using them at home or professionally.

Just like when choosing a printer, you should choose an appropriate heat press depending on the size of your project. A sawgrass heat press is ideal for larger projects like banners or large shirt prints. Meanwhile, a mug press or oven will work on small personalized items.

These presses should also be either metal coated with aluminum foil heating panels inside (or just plain aluminum) or else stainless steel in order to avoid dye transfer onto the machine.

3. Ink and Paper

Once you have a dye sublimation printer package and heat press of your choice, you’ll need to purchase dye-sublimated inks or special dye ink cartridges that are only compatible with dye sublimation printers. They cost around $250 for 100ml plus shipping!

Moreover, you’ll also need to prepare a specialized heat transfer paper that works well with sublimation printers. The good news is that this type of paper does not require any finishing work at all so it’s ready to use right away – the downside? The price tag on these materials will be more expensive than regular laser printed products because they’re usually waterproof too!

4. Sublimation Blanks for dye sublimation printing services

After buying printers and a heat press, you should now prepare one of the most important things: blank products! And while dye sublimation is a very effective printing process, there are still some limitations to what features it can be used. This is why it is important to choose your blanks properly.

It is very important to note that dye sublimation can only be used with polyester or polyester-coated material. This limits the type of fabric available, but it opens up a lot of opportunities for other projects. It includes trade show displays, tiles, and sporting goods.

Later on in this article, we will enumerate the materials that you can use for a smooth process of dye sublimation services.

dye sublimation printing services blanks

5. Additional Supplies

After preparing the essentials, it is now time to buy some additional supplies that makes the dye sublimation printing services easier than ever! You will need:

  • Transfer gloves – Wear this when handling hot items to protect your hands from burns.
  • Thermal tape and tape dispenser – This heat-resistant tape keeps the sublimated paper in place, preventing common problems like shifting or ghosting which can ruin a transfer.
  • Spray adhesive – This also ensures paper is secured to the machine and is ideal for printing onto fabrics or garments.
  • Silicone cover sheets – To ensure the sublimation ink doesn’t seep through onto your garment, be sure to line it with these protective sheets.
  • Foam pillows – These protect the clothing and fabric items from direct heat of a heat press. They also help to eliminate “press lines,” which can occur on some fabrics during live printing.

6. Computer & Software

In order to start your own dye sublimation printing company, you will need a computer and design software. Your computer does not have to be super expensive so you don’t need to worry about this. What’s important is that it can run the design software that you use smoothly so it’s better to choose one with higher graphics and memory.

Other than that, you also need computer programs called RIP software, short for ‘Raster Image Processor’. This will let you run your sublimation printer smoothly. while not all printers include this addition, you can still purchase this separately. It is vital that the printer you use be compatible with what software you choose.

What are the products you can print on?

As mentioned before, dye sublimation printing services will require you to use specific materials for a smooth process. So, as promised, here are some of the products that you can print on:

  • Fabric garments 

Dye sublimations are one of the most effective ways to give your clothes a more permanent printing without damaging them. You can avoid using chemicals such as bleaches which is why this type of printing service is popular among artists for their creations. Your fabric items must be polyester or polyester coated before you can proceed with dyeing sublimation services though!

  • Tile 

You can use Dye sublimations can with ceramic and porcelain tiles for displays in restaurants, stores or hotels. A good thing to note is that these types of prints only last three years. This means you’ll have to re-print them before then so take this into account when pricing out your services.  Similarly, dye sublimated tiles may not withstand heavy traffic due to their design being more delicate than regular tile printing processes like screen printing .

  • Wood

if you want some privacy at home without having curtains hanging outside your windows all day long, dye sublimations offer an excellent solution. You can use dye sublimation to print on wood, plywood or MDF but please note that you should not dye-sublimate furniture like sofas, tables and chairs because the dye will eventually wear off while it’s in use .

  • Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays made from dye-sublimated panels are a popular choice for any company looking to make an impression on potential clients. Dye sublimation is one of the most effective methods when it comes to creating custom trade show displays because they offer a high resolution and affordability which means you don’t have to break your budget in order to start printing this type of service .

dye sublimation printing services products
  • Canvas

 The main difference when using dye sublimation printing on canvas is that it can be stretched. This function is called “Gallery Wrap.” This is when the print is rolled around the sides to the back of the frame so that no tools used for securing it are visible from viewers.

Final Takeaways

Dye sublimation printing services are a great way to add some life, color and personalization into your surroundings. In this article, we provided you with a list of things you need to start your dye sublimation printing services. But if you think that this is too much of a hassle and costly, Dad’s Printing can definitely help!

We offer high-quality but affordable dye sublimation printing services for different products. From shirts to socks, mugs, and other personalized items, we have them all! We also have a quick turnaround time which means that you don’t have to wait for your finished products. To order, please contact us and we are happy to answer all your inquiries!

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