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If you’re looking for a way to jazz up an outfit, start carrying around your custom tote bag! These trendy accessories are perfect for the modern woman with unique style. Custom totes allow you to take your personal sense of fashion with you everywhere.

For example, we, at Dad’s Printing, offer custom tote bags that may come in all sorts of fun patterns and colors. You just need to find the best design that you prefer, send it over to us, and we’ll have them ready for you.

But, if you want to find out the easiest ways to make a fashionable custom tote bag, we’ll talk about them here. Read on to know more about personalizing tote bags!

Why should you choose custom tote bags?

Custom totes are perfect for many reasons. Unlike other personalized items or bag styles, it allows you to have the freedom about the design that you want. You can even choose patterns and colors that go along with your individual style!

Leaves Space for Creativity

Why? This is because most tote bags use simple materials that are easy to print on or design with. It features a wide flat surface that serves as a blank canvas for artists and stylists who want specific styles for their bag.


Also, custom totes allow you to carry around numerous items conveniently. It’s like having a piece of luggage with you. It also allows you to carry various types of goods including foods, groceries, and travel essentials. With its large size, it is also convenient to use when carrying school materials or laptops.


Furthermore, custom totes are much more durable than other types of bags. They can be used for years and still remain as good as new! Custom tote bags are made from sturdy materials and print methods.

And without a doubt, custom printing makes it look like you got your bag from an expensive store. The finished product looks very professional and stylish. It will surely make heads turn when wearing them in public!

Ideal promotional tools

Aside from that, tote bags make for great promotional tools in store openings, trade shows, corporate events, and even weddings.  It is one of the most popular custom bag options because of its durability, efficiency, and sustainability.  People who want to promote being eco-friendly can have reusable tote bags that are great as replacement for leathers and plastic ones.

No matter your reason, there is no doubt custom totes are great items for any person to have.

personalized tote bag

Personalization Techniques for Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags come in different styles and designs, so there’s sure to be one that you will like. But, how can you personalize your own and what are methods that you can use? Here are the ways on how you can make your custom bag stand out even more:

Transfer Printing

In custom printed tote bags, one of the most popular techniques is the transfer printing method. This technique is very easy as it will only require you a tote bag, a printer machine, transfer paper, and heat press. Voila, you can eventually see your design come to fruition!

Transfer printing has been used in various fabric materials and can even work on canvases. It uses a thin sheet of rubber that transfers ink from the screen to the custom bag. The custom bag will then be dyed with your design.

But, if you prefer a multi-colored custom tote bag that offers more durability, there’s also a different technique known as dye sublimation printing . Personalizing your bag with this technique allows you to use more colors. And with better skills in printing, you can even create more vivid colors like what we have at Dad’s Printing.

Screen Printing

This is a method in which mesh is utilized to apply ink to the bag. It is important to use impermeable block stencils if you want to have more navigation to your ink. Otherwise, your design will turn into a mess.

This requires more experience and practice than using a transfer method. This is especially in layout and cutting the design to achieve your ideal style. However, if you are planning to have bulk products, this is a more efficient way to personalize your custom tote bag.

Spot Color Printing

Spot Color Printing is a very common technique for custom tote bags as it offers more color possibilities. In this method, one color at a time is applied to the custom bag. This gives you an opportunity to have different shades and hues that will eventually bring your custom design alive.


Embroidery is another popular way of customizing totes especially if you’re aiming for elegance and style. Embroidering prints give any custom bag extra details that make it look extraordinary! You just need to find the perfect design out that matches your desired style.

However, note that you’ll need an embroidery machine to do this and it usually costs a lot more than printers. If you are planning to handcraft it, it will definitely take a longer period and may need skills in expertise to do so.


If you don’t have the time and resources to custom print a custom bag, you can always paint it. There is not much effort involved in this method as all that’s needed is a custom bag, paints, brushes, and minimal artistic skills. However, keep in mind that as this will require you more time and it will be harder to achieve more difficult designs with this method.


In custom bag printing , one of the most popular ways to personalize your prints is through stamps. This technique is very simple and effortless as you just have to design a stamp, place it on a custom tote, and press it to transfer the ink.

This will be more portable than custom embroidering or silk screening. If you are planning to have a travel-friendly custom totes, this will also be advantageous for you!

However, note that your design and color choices will be very limited with this method. If you need a more professional take, you should opt to transfer printing or screen printing.

Moreover, there are actually many more techniques when it comes to custom printing bags. Everything will just depend on your creativity, preferences, and needs for your customization project.

custom tote bag for groceries

Things To Do When Choosing Your Custom Tote Bag Design

When choosing custom tote bag designs, make sure that it fits your own unique style. Ask yourself if the design represents you as a person and if it’s something you would wear on an everyday basis.

1) Use Basic Colors

It’s a good idea to use basic colors for your design. These colors include black, white, grey, and brown. You can try other color combinations like blue and green or pink and purple. Just make sure that the final result of your design is still stylish but simple!

2) Add One Unique Feature

You may want to add one unique feature in your design that will allow people to easily identify it with you. This may be something like writing your name on the front panel (or side panel) of your bag or adding an image of something which symbolizes you. This could be anything from a small mascot character to a scene from your favorite book. 

3) Stick to One Main Theme

It’s best if you can stick to one main theme. You may choose to use an animal theme for the entire design or flowers along with basic geometric shapes. Just make sure that your custom print is cohesive and not too chaotic! custom tote bag

4) Match Your Handbag

Custom printed totes are also great because you can match it with the rest of your ensemble! For example, pick out a couple of custom phone cases which can go well with your custom printed satchel handbag . Or, find out more about custom t-shirt printing , so you can coordinate them with custom hoodies  and other clothing items. 

5) Be Creative

Lastly, customizing your tote bags is extremely fun and creative! Custom totes are great opportunities for you to create something unique. So, you can take advantage of that! You can use different colors or patterns which you find attractive, come up with interesting slogans, or even tell a story through pictures.

If you need inspiration, here is a collection of custom tote bags designs that you can choose from.

2 black and white custom tote bag


Designing custom tote bags is a great way for you to show your individuality and creativity. The best part about totes is that they are durable, spacious enough to fit all your essentials, and easy to carry around! Thus, it makes a practical and ideal choice for your personal item, giveaways, or even promotional products.

And there you go people, another informative article written by yours truly. If you need custom tote bags but don’t have time or don’t want to invest in materials, you can count on us! At Dad’s Printing, we offer various methods to realize your dream custom tote bags ALL IN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Call us now!

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