Direct To Garment Printing, (Also Known as DTG) is the fastest growing method of Apparel Printing currently and there are some very attractive reasons for this. 

Unlike Screenprinting, DTG Printing is a completely digital method of Apparel Decoration. This eliminates the need to set up Screens, and also means that there are no minimum quantity requirements. This means you can feasibly print shirts one by one, allowing for a massive catalog with no minimums.  Another huge advantage that comes with DTG is no limitations to colors. You can print a photo and have it be true to the image with no color separations required. Unlike Sublimation, DTG also works on 100% Cotton fabrics and can be done on Darker Colors. 

At Dad’s Printing, we offer DTG Printing on Black and White Fabrics, and can print up to 14×16″. We offer some of the best pricing in the city for our services as well as a high standard for quality control. Let us see what we can offer to handle your Direct To Garment needs and get in touch with Dad’s Today!