Custom Pillows

If you’re tired of sleeping on dull pillow cases, Dads Printing can help you create custom pillows that encompass your art, photos, or patterns. We use 100% pure canvas fabric as it produces fantastic results with sublimation pillow cases.

How does pillow case sublimation work?

Unlike digital printing, dye sublimation uses a combination of pressure, heat, and time to alter the chemical composition of the pillow fabric.  The best part is that we can incorporate vivid images on the fabric. Don’t worry about texture, sublimation normally softens and strengthens the fabric. So you won’t end up with faded, cracked, or peeling pillow cases.

Custom pillow cases features

  • Full size fabric sublimation
  • White or tan polyester canvas
  • Double-side pillow printing
  • Sublimation in full-color

Why Pillow Printing?

Sublimated pillows allow us to imprint vivid or graphic images in a way that screen printing can’t. Pillow cases can also be decorated using heat paper or heat vinyl transfer. Just send us your photo or patterns and we shall incorporate them into the pillow case fabric.

Note: Seams and edges on may not be fully sublimated where pillow cases have been fully made before sublimation printing.

We’re Here to Bring Your Vision to Life

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